Dallas Does Debbies


The impressive Dallas Stars rolled over the Montreal Liberaces 6-2 Saturday in the Lone Star State, and it was a night when most Liberace players probably should’ve just stayed in the hotel lounge and tickled the ivories and drank Pink Ladies instead.

Eight losses in ten games. Now it’s on to Nashville, Minnesota, Washington, Tampa Bay, Florida, Boston, and Philadelphia.

All good teams.

I’m starting to bite my nails again after quitting 20 years ago.

And although Paul Byron (shorthanded) and Daniel Carr would bulge the twine, once again the big guns stayed silent. Pee Wee Herman, Richard Simmons, Don Knox, Bill Nye – none of them were noticeable in this fiasco.

Mike Condon was replaced by Dustin Tokarski early in the third after the sixth goal.

Jeff Petry was hit by Jamie Benn and left the game.

P.K. Subban shot the puck over the glass and was penalized. Twice.

Andrei Markov only did it once.

Random Notes:

For breakfast I had two poached eggs on toast, with extra toast and coffee.

At this moment, P.K. Subban is thinking a little about his two delay of games penalties, and a lot about his new suit at the tailors and his ability to get Justin Trudeau to sing a Christmas carol.

Next up – Monday in Music City.

How are things in the world of cricket?

17 thoughts on “Dallas Does Debbies”

  1. I gave up after the first period…turned off the TV and retired upstairs to listen to the Beatles and read a book.
    So i’m glad to get the real dope on the game from Mr.Kane
    Does the P in PK Subban…stand for “poser”?
    Well at least he can afford the fancy suits…and look sharp.
    Unfortunately he doesn’t look too sharp in the suit he was given the privilege to wear on the ice.

  2. Ed, listening to the Beatles and reading a book would’ve been so much better. Why did I put myself through this when I could’ve done what you did? I’m a true sucker for punishment.

  3. This was the worst game of the season.

    Trouble is, the way things are going there are probably worse ones to come…

  4. Kind of like men against boys on this night Danno. What the heck happened to Max? He’s doing nothing and it’s surprising. He’s wearing the c and should be leading by example.

  5. At the ripe old age of 51 I have finally picked up “The Game” by Ken Dryden. In my case I am listening to it via Audible’s books on tape. I started to listen to it last weekend as my wife, daughter and I were driving to Rochester Minnesota to watch my son’s final collegiate swim meet. I was only able to listen for about 10 minutes before tears ran down my face and my wife asked me what was wrong. I simply said..”honey…these are my fondest childhood memories. I will need to listen to this in private”. I continued to listen to it this week and couldn’t help thinking about Dryden’s recollection of those “heyday” teams as I listened to our Habs play Dallas. We are a long way from those special teams but I never give up hope that somehow the right players from our current team will come together at the right time, focus on the game and once again bring the Cup home. In the meantime, I highly recommend listening to Dryden tell his story. Just make sure you have some Kleenex.

  6. I think back to when Eric Cole played with Max a few years ago. Got to wondering if Max needs someone to “lead” him,rather than trying to lead by example to the youngun’s himself. This is NOT a put-down of Max in any way—-we all have our strong points and weaker points; the key is to be used to our Full capacity.——- May I ask Does Coach do that with his boys? Just wondering. Pat welcome to the family of crotchety buzzards waiting less patiently for #25! Deep down I believe our boys will Come Together –Right Now Over Me [beatles] and play the game. Bergeron will meet with Coach and step outside his role as GM to give a thought or two . He seems to have an eye for people to fit into the team, I’m thinking Kassian and Tinordi are gonna step up SOON and be our 2 guys that turn the ship towards # 25. They are both in their own prison for different reasons and can add some guts to our pushovers. NOT TO START FIGHTS but to stop the bleeding of being out hit game after game—–all the while as they play some sound hockey to boot. have a good Sunday folks.

  7. Dennis, Max dropped an F bomb in his post-game interview and he also got upset about how some people might think some of them are just showing up and not putting in any effort when they hit the ice. He also spoke vaguely about how there have been some discussions in the room which begs the question – with who and about what?

  8. DK, I had the feeling ed was a glass half empty rather than half full kind of guy but now I think he has it right. If our team is this dismal without Price & Gally we are in deep doo-doo! His feeling our team was not as good as we all felt are proving to be spot on. I hate writing these words but gawd our team is playing like a beer league team.
    On another really sad note R.I.P. # 12 Dickie Moore!

  9. HI Pat. I’ve read The Game two or three times and yes, it’s the best. It’s often regarded as the greatest sports book ever written. I’ve never heard the audio version. Those were some kind of Habs teams Dryden writes about, with four straight Cups. We’ll never see that again, but one Cup would be nice, and a true superstar to carry on the superstar tradition would be great too. I’ve been hoping Galchenyuk will be the guy but he’s taking his time and I’m beginning to wonder. I sure hope they play well and win in Minnesota when you’re there.

  10. I keep the faith, Peter, and a slump is fine because it happens. But I am worried about the next stretch, and if they end up losing the majority of these games, they’ll be doing a serious slide. The next two games, Nashville and Minnesota, will be very interesting. Will they go into Christmas on a bit of a high, or an absolute low? You and I over the past few years have talked a lot about passion and pride, and at the moment we’re not seeing a lot from them. Most aren’t scoring, and it would be nice to see some hardcore anger out there. Kassian could’ve been a big help I think. Prust helped. It’s time for change, whether it’s determination, or a big honkin trade.

  11. I wish I would’ve seen that, Danno. Max has to lead by example. Maybe he learned from the last captain, who didn’t lead either. But I’m glad he was angry in the interview. He should be angry.

  12. It was a depressing game to see, Mike. The so-called big guns’ names were hardly mentioned throughout, although they were taking regular shifts. The deal between the players and fans is this – we remain loyal and passionate fans, and they reward us with hard work and passion and some fine wins. They’re not holding up their end.

  13. Pat, I forgot to mention that when I was in London, England recently I was sitting in a pub, wearing my Habs hat, and a Londoner came up to me and asked if I’d read The Game. It turned out he’s a Habs fan, follows them, and loved the book.

  14. For the sake of clarity, here is what Max said:

    “I’m saying the same thing every day. Just look at my interview for the past 10 games. It’s the same f—ing thing … it’s a joke. Eight penalties against a team like that, it’s embarrassing.”

  15. He’s right, Danno. Eight penalties, many of them dumb, is embarrassing. The team’s out of whack now. And I’m really starting to think that P.K. Needs to tone down his outside interests a bit, because he’s not playing as well as we know he can.

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