Dad, What The…?

My father was a Habs fan as far back as I can remember, but from reading his journal he once wrote about his childhood, it turns out he was a Leafs fan when he was a kid. He changed later on, and I wish he was alive so I could ask him about it.

All I know is, he used to complain about all things Leafs, including Foster and Bill Hewitt and of course Punch Imlach and Conn Smythe, and he’d go on about the sports section of the paper which was all Leafs, all the time, which, except for him, is understandable considering it was a Toronto paper.

But thankfully somewhere along the way, he became a Habs fan. If I had grown up a Leafs fan, I might have had to shoot myself.

Here’s a section of his journal:

“The Toronto Star used to come up on the train the day after it was published and as a rule, we could usually come up with the three cents it cost. We didn’t have a radio but I became a Toronto Maple Leafs fan through reading the sports pages of this paper. Almost every day of the hockey season, the sports section would carry a drawing of a player and these I would cut and paste in a scrapbook.

It was around 1932 when one of the Leaf players, Ace Bailey, was injured in a game against the Boston Bruins. While he was in hospital, I wrote him a letter and in due time received an answer from his wife along with an autographed picture of him. I dare say, I must have been the proudest kid in Trout Creek and I like to think I was the envy of all the other boys in town.”



3 thoughts on “Dad, What The…?”

  1. Hey Dennis, Sounds like you are rediscovering your roots buddy. I would think that that you inherited your writing ability from your Dad. You probably learned about writing letters to the hockey teams from him as well, keep up the good work.

  2. Hi Derry. My mom liked to write too and once won a clothes driver for best poem in a Dominion grocery store contest. I remember how happy she was. No more hanging clothes on the line in winter. And it came with a big red ribbon wrapped around it.

  3. DK, drove by the old homestead today as I was doing elevator safety tests at the Hospital——- memories!!

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