Cuts Like A Knife

The Canadiens had them all right. A cool 3-1 lead with nine minutes remaining. And the Bruins had managed only one shot midway through the final frame.

And then it all came crashing down like a scoreboard on Brad Marchand’s head. Oh, wait a minute. A scoreboard falling on Brad Marchand’s head is a good thing. So I take it back.

Three goals in five and a half minutes by the Bruins, another in the empty net, and the series is tied at one after the Bruins stormed back to win 5-3.

I should never have started counting down the minutes after Thomas Vanek, with his second of the game, gave our team that lovely 3-1 lead. Because obviously, counting down doesn’t work and I’ll never do it again.

Regardless of this shocker, the Canadiens know they can win this series. We all know it. Even Bruins fans, who have a hard time tying their shoelaces, know it.

And a split in games in the enemy barn is great. Although a 2-0 series lead would have been magical.

I’m proud of the team, even with a loss like this, which is like a Milan Lucic spear to the baby-making machinery.

A painful game, and seeing happy Bruins fans is always a stomach- turner. But to expect a playoff run without losing any games isn’t realistic. Would be great, but not realistic.

If only Francis Bouillon would’ve gotten out of the way of the puck which deflected off him and sailed past Price for the tying goal.

Random Notes:

Shots on goal Boston 35, Canadiens 28.

Vanek with two and Mike Weaver with one were the scorers for the Canadiens.

Tuesday – game three in Montreal.  The team has to shake this off and stay focused. Not that I’m a psychologist. Just a fan on the verge of a coronary.

17 thoughts on “Cuts Like A Knife”

  1. Boston had to win today, and they did. They’re a very good team. Having said that, Bah-stin expected to be up 2-0 at this point. They’re not.

    In Ginette I trust!

  2. Mike, not sure Ginette will be singing. I noticed a French newspaper at the grocery store where I think it read that she was saying goodbye to the boys. But maybe I just read it wrong. A split’s not the end of the world. It was never going to be easy. But damn, a two-game lead would’ve been so fantastic.

  3. K, I’m back. This was a hard pill to swallow. But the redemption was seeing the crowd still and silent while we had the lead.

    They’re in our town next. Games are tied, we are definitely a threat to the Bruins. This can be done.

    Patches…what going on with him? He missed passes, didn’t make good passes, looked like he was playing scared.

    Carrey will carry us. PK’s the man. I’m ready for Tuesday. Bring it on baby.

  4. Btw, I had heard that Reno had scheduled concerts so couldn’t perform. Rancourt makes me feel nauseous.

  5. Dennis, I watched the replay of the tying goal by Patrice Bergeron. Boullion was in front of the net but it didn’t hit him. The puck came down from above and skipped off the ice and took a wild hop like a skipping stone on water at the edge of the face-off circle. Boullion was beside it but never touched it.

    It was just a bad bounce and one that hurt the Habs badly.

    Maybe Bouillon should have tried to block the shot but he never touched it. I think he decided to get out of the way so Price wouldn’t be screened. The puck just went right by him. Kind of a damned if you do and damned if don’t type of situation.

    You can view the replay on Watch at the very end of the clip and it’s clear what happened.

  6. Cheers to fellow Habs fans. Well, that was a bruiser but I was not surprised. The fact I wasn’t means this is a team that I know and that (rightly based on recent years of their game… and wrongly as it changes at sudden notice) one expects them to do this sort of thing, to wit fall of the horse when they’re ahead; fall back with a lead! hell it’s the Canadiens they do that don’tthey? but Colis! hahah classic Habs fall back. However, it’s not the end of the bloomin world is it ‘arry! hell it’s jus one bleeding game int’it!
    Its whats next thats important and how they bust the pattern on next Tues and Thurs with 2 more wins and the next in Boston and take it in five…

    Hello Danno, I agree about Bouillion and that’s exactly what Thierrien said at the press conference after the game… that skipping puck… (little bast…rd of a thing ! )

    ‘Boullion was in front of the net but it didn’t hit him. The puck came down from above and skipped off the ice and took a wild hop like a skipping stone on water at the edge of the face-off circle. Boullion was beside it but never touched it.

    But this has to be said that the Habs cannot afford to take penalties even if they beat the asses on that one sucker of 5 against 3. Honestly I don’t think Boston played that well, they’re like a herd of elephants! not hockey players, fakin and feinting at any little pinch. Thornton what a hoary phony fall that was! O poor him! get outta here dude.

    Were those really goals they got? hahah god to me it was just petty larceny!

    I say we take it in five! Let my crystal ball not break if I err!

  7. Ps. Price is a god. Pleky and the boys were spendid, so they fell asleep at the helm (for what 10 minuteS? Thierrien said pretty much this too at the press conference’they played 50 minutes great and 10 …. ) it’ll make their next 3 wins all the more grand and uplifting!
    Hope never leaves this Habs fan’s heart.

  8. Pps-forgive me its late and I am worse than Boston’s herd of jackanapes!

    here are some sobering thoughts from a bette and more astute observer than ‘moi’ here

    _____________and yes, he’s right on, and yes, it’s all true what he says and and and
    does he close the door? does anyone close the door on Habs?
    No , never. GoHabs go and take back the pruins flunk failsafe win…!

    I am sitting here laughing at my own remarks, of which one last as an aphorism:

    Even les ‘pruins ‘ win they don’t.

    The thesis is this: All teams are really the habs but won’t admit it.

    and one has to laugh lest the tears fall like rain …

    Good night from this nutty habs buff.

  9. I really hope that the Habs do not regret missing their chance to put a hammerlock on the series………..

  10. I’ll never close the door on them, William. In the best or worst of times. It’ll be interesting to see how they rebound at the Bell, with a wild and crazy Bell Centre. It’s only two games and if they dig down, they can win the series. But they have to play for 60 minutes, full out, no sitting back and trying to protect a lead. It rarely works with them. I’m still optimistic and hoping like hell.

  11. That Boston team is like a swarm nasty wasps….

    Not enough feet to stomp them all out …

  12. DK, well back up & running with a new lightening fast new computor. Most disappointed about the take the foot off the gas peddle, should have gone for the kill!

  13. They’re a swarm of nastiness, Leaf Fan. At least some of them. And many of their fans.

  14. Mike, that’s cool about your computer. If you have any tech questions, feel free to ask me! 🙂 And yes, the foot off the peddle wasn’t good. Not at all.

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