Curtain Comes Down On The Old Scrapbook

This is the final installment of The Old Scrapbook.

It’s been a treat for me because I’ve always been proud to show it off, right from the time it was new. I was talking to an old friend the other day who had come across my blog by accident, emailed me, and the next thing we knew we were chatting on the phone. We hadn’t seen each other since grade eight and one of the things he mentioned was that he remembers coming over to my house when we were about 12 and looking through my scrapbook.

Once again it’s a potpourri of Habs universe, ending off with a glossy photo of the Rocket scoring his final NHL goal, his 626th, which occurred on April 12, 1960. I had written to one of the Toronto newspapers right after it happened and asked for a copy of the photo, which they sent.

Thanks for having a look at this old book. I’m very proud of it, and like I’ve mentioned before, if you go over to “Categories” on the right side and scroll down to “The Old Scrapbook”, you’ll see all the entries.

6 thoughts on “Curtain Comes Down On The Old Scrapbook”

  1. Danno, I’m pretty sure the old scrapbook wasn’t appreciated by a whole lot. Probably too old. I’m a little bit sad.

  2. No way Dennis, the old scrapbook is greatly appreciated. Words just don’t do its magnificence justice. Looking forward to seeing it in its own trophy case front and centre at the Bell Centre when you become owner. Until then the HHoF and the Molson brothers can fight for the privilege of displaying it.

  3. an excellent collection as put together by a young true habs fan. i don’t know anyone who can boast of the dedication and creativity not to mention the hours of fun it took to achieve such a masterpiece. if only sam p. knew. we have all enjoyed it.

  4. I love this scrapbook. Amazing stuff and I’m totally jealous of it. Just the photos alone make this a winner. Anyone who doesn’t like it? Kick them out of the house.

  5. Darth, I hope you were able to see all the installments of my scrapbook series. This scrapbook is something I’ve always been proud of. My dad and I started it when I was about seven, and I continued on until about my mid-teens. Now and again the pictures come loose and I’ve got to get out the trusty glue again. But I’m really glad you found this and like I say, I hope you’ve seen all of it. I posted all of it over a month or so last summer, a bunch of pages at a time as you can see. Thanks!

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