Cunneyworth Gets The Word

On Marc Bergevin’s first day on the job, he met with Randy Cunneyworth and informed the head coach that he was now the assistant coach again. So that’s pretty final, the search for a new bench boss is on, and thanks to Cunneyworth for stepping in during a difficult time.

Two things kept Randy Cunneyworth from being rehired. Two big things. Not speaking French, and not getting much of anything out of his team. There was no miraculous comeback after Jacques Martin was fired and he was moved up. But even if the team did improve, he still didn’t speak French.

Thus, the end of the Cunneyworth era, which consisted of 50 games – 18 wins, 23 losses, and 9 overtime losses. The record’s not great but either were the players Cunneyworth had to work with. I’m hoping that down the road, this fellow gets another head coaching job somewhere and enjoys a long and great career.



One thought on “Cunneyworth Gets The Word”

  1. He was put in a tough place but he made things even harder on himself with some of his decisions. I wrote him off as when he used Kaberle as one of the first three in a shoot-out.

    I think had we made the second round of the playoffs he would have been seriously considered for head coach despite not speaking French. And had we made the third round like two years ago it would have been tough to not hire him full-time.

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