Cunneyworth And Ladouceur Get Their Walking Papers

Randy Cunneyworth and Randy Ladouceur are now on the bread lines.

Newly-hired Habs coach Michel Therrien has decided to bring in his own people, and so the two Randys are no longer part of the best and craziest hockey organization on the planet.

Cunneyworth, as we all know, stepped into a very difficult situation, not speaking French, and trying to get a bunch of underacheivers to play some decent hockey for a change. He wasn’t able to get it done. How could he when he was saddled with such players as Scott Gomez and Andrei Kostitsyn, to name two of many?

Ladouceur became a big hero of mine when his thundering voice blasted Scott Gomez during practice. My appreciation of the guy went through the roof when that happened.

Here’s hoping Randy and Randy move on to other big-time hockey jobs and enjoy lengthy and successful careers elsewhere. I liked both of them, and it’s sad to see them go.


16 thoughts on “Cunneyworth And Ladouceur Get Their Walking Papers”

  1. It’s always a sad day when Randys are sent packing! I wouldn’t mind seeing more Randys in the Leafs braintrust! [I know I’m going to get heckled for the thought that the Leafs have a braintrust] 🙂

    Send those Randys over!

  2. Dennis, no word of a lie…

    I was just commenting on Twitter how Randy Ladouceur opening up a king-size can of Whoop-Ass on Gomez for goofing off during practice remains one of my fondest memories of last season.

  3. Randy….Leafs?? How can you stand it? And yes, either one of those Randys would be a smart move to sign in Toronto. Although I’d feel sorry for them.

  4. Hey Dennis,I’m sorry here buddy but what the fuck is going on in Habland?Hre we go with another full scale swich in coaching staff,another system to learn or not,more people to get to know and try to respect,what the hell is going on with turmoil every off season?Get your shit together Habs,cause when I give up on you I give up on the nhl.

  5. How do you rise above mediocrity when after a month long search your best choice is Therrien? Is this what the language police have done to this franchise? I am beyond disappointed. I tell myself that maybe after ten tears he is a better coach and then I remind myself about all the coaching he has done in the last couple of years, especially given the number of coaches that have been hired in that time. Ai carumbna Chico, I don know!

  6. Speaking of Andre, his good buddy Radulov is going bye-bye. Nashville wants nothing to do with him anymore. So I hope he puts in a good word for Andre so he’ll have a place to go next season.

    I don’t know how I missed this video but I’m finally glad I saw it. Wow. Well, he deserves it. If Gomez is here next season (please god no) then he’ll really have a blast with Therrien.

  7. Just read the second article in two days where the author thinks Therrien is just a stop gap solution and won’t be around long term. Groom someone down in Hamilton to take over in a year or two?

  8. It’s probably because we never at all got on track this past year, but I never found the Randys in the same calibre as Muller. Any rumours as to who are Therrien’s projected assistants? I was expecting at least one assistant to be named along with Therrien, almost like a package deal. In the meantime I’ll take no news as good news that he’s trying to get Robinson who’s too busy with the Devils to consider a move.

  9. It would be fitting that a new coach select his new assistants. It’s about who you work with best, like in politics and business. While I think Ladouceur was a good presence behind the bench (I really would have liked him to stay), it’s not up to me to decide.

    Let’s hope the spots are being freed up for people like Robinson.

    Fingers are crossed.

  10. Christopher – two rumors that I hear for assistant coaches are Carbo and Tremblay. I can see Carbo there, but Tremblay better be a joke.

    I do hope Robinson still comes here. Not sure if he and Therrien get along or what but we could really use him.

  11. @ dishonest john
    A lot of people were miffed by the hiring of Mike, myself included until I reflected on the reality of the situation. It is what it is. Certainly not ideal and not likely to change in Darth’s life time. If indeed MT is a stop gap solution while they groom another coach and Mike is doing moderately well, like some thought JM was, will they pull the trigger? It seems to me they had Muller and Boucher in the wings and let them fly the coop…. Ya just gotta shit or get of the pot. Speaking of pot, I must get out to Pablo’s lab.

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