9 thoughts on “Crunch”

  1. Hey Dennis, I’m with you on this one,it looked like a good hit to me,just caught him the right way.Hits now adays are often seen as being more dangerous as the players are bigger and faster because of training , ice conditions,and skates.If you don’t expect to get hurt occasionally playing hockey, then take up checkers.

  2. Thanks, Derry. It seemed just fine. It’ll be interesting to see if gets a game or two for this. Too bad Pominville was hurt, that’s all.

  3. It depends on how the hockey rules are read and what the coin reads. To me it looked like a hit from behind. On the other hand Pominville was skating backwards and not paying much attention behind him. I’m not as positive as the announcer that he saw Hjalmarsson coming.

    In my opinion the hard shell pads cause more injuries than they prevent compared to the old soft ones. When a hard pool ball hits another dead on, the first one stops and the other one takes all the energy. Replace the pool balls with say oranges and see what happens. (I take no responsibility for orange juice stains on your felt.)

  4. Christopher, I just got orange all over my wife’s new dress and I told her it was your fault and now she wants to kill you.

  5. Uh oh, nothing good can happen when a wife is angry. Even if she isn’t my wife, somehow all women can sense it and relay the grief. What do I have to do to make it up to her? Or easier, is there someone else I can blame? Will she believe it was Hjalmarsson’s fault.

  6. There’s no sense trying to squirm out of it, Christopher. She’ll hunt you down. There’s no place you can hide. Wow, am I ever glad I’m not you.

  7. did pominville have the puck? if not, then isn’t the hit illegal? if pominville had the puck with his head down, he is partially to blame. but i’m not the colin kangaroo court.

  8. Looked like a clean hit. A little from behind but wasn’t malicious or intent to injure. I doubt he’ll get a game. But you never know, Colon Campbell can sometimes be not very s-m-r-t.

    Dennis, are you sure that’s orange on the dress that ruined it? lol

  9. Hobo, for me it just seems so borderline, like a thousand hits we’ve seen over the years. The real bad part is Pominville was carried off on a stretcher.

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