Cruisin’ On Down The Road

I’m alone in my car, driving to Nelson to see my grandkids. I’ve got some CD’s ready for action, some blues and Beatles, John Prine and Eminem and a few others, and if I get bored of these I’ll just sing, or practise my Richard Nixon and Merv Griffin impressions. It’s quite a drive. It takes 11 or 12 hours to get to Nelson, and I’ll be there for a few days before pointing the car the other way to come home again when once again I’ll be either playing CD’s, singing, or doing two lousy impressions.

Is that interesting?

What about this? According to the British newspaper The Guardian, (and I have no idea why The Guardian has mentioned Nelson),  “Nelson was able to make the transition from a typical rural lumber town into a thriving arts and mountain sports hotbed, due in part to the wealth generated by marijuana growers.”

Or this? Nelson doesn’t have a McDonald’s. I thought every town over 5000 people had a McDonald’s.

But enough about Nelson. I’ve got four little rugrats to visit, along with their mom Shannon who happens to be my daughter, and her husband Ryan who I couldn’t be more happy with for a son-in-law, even though he prefers football over the Habs.

I’m on my way. I’m somewhere, maybe on a ferry, or savouring the sweet aroma of chicken farms near Chilliwack, or zooming past Hope, or eyeballing the desert landscape around Osoyoos, or hugging my family and getting knocked around by this big, friendly rottweiler they have.

But please carry on. Just thought I’d mention the trip, that’s all..

Bruins suck.


8 thoughts on “Cruisin’ On Down The Road”

  1. Dennis, Nelson and your bohemian soul are a perfect match. Keep us up to date on family stories.

  2. Dennis,

    Hope you’ve got your plastic jesus on the dashboard

    (The version from Cool Hand Luke with Paul Newman (a good looking man like myself) singing is of course better known but I thought an up-tempo version was more in keeping with the happy nature of your trip).

    And don’t let Don Cherry find out you’ve been reading pinko lefty papers like the Guardian. It was originally the Manchester Guardian and while trustworthy on most matters (I read it regularly) it is of course sadly biased towards northern football and the Mancs in particular. A bit like reading the Boston Globe if you’re a Canadiens fan.

    Keep on Truckin’

  3. Diane, made it in 12 hours total including ferry waits and rides. It’s a long haul and now the kids are wearing me out but I love it. They never seem to get tired.

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