It’s been a few days now since Sidney Crosby took a puck in the face in which he lost some teeth and had his jaw broken, and I’ve been thinking about it a fair amount since it happened.

For one thing, with a couple of chicklets nestled on his jersey and the painful look on his face, it’s living proof that pucks are hard. It certainly must have hurt like hell, especially after the freezing wore off.

And I thought, this is a fellow with some truly bad luck, who had missed much of last season due to concussion, and he comes back fully recovered and in fine form, and then this happens. Is this payback from an evil clothes dryer he used to shoot at?

It also occurred to me that the Penguins signed Iginla and the other guys just in time, and I figured they’ve almost come out smelling like roses aside from the fact they’ve just lost probably the best player on the planet.

It then went through my head how this could be good for the Habs, as Crosby may not be 100% if and when the Canadiens meet the Penguins at some point in the post-season. How long does it take to recover from eating liquids for a month? I just hope concussion issues don’t arise from this. This is a fellow human being we’re talking about.

The best player in the world needs to play, and if Montreal is going to win it, I want them to win it with Crosby healthy. The Canadiens rolled through both him and Ovechkin in the 2010 playoffs, and this year the possibilities are endless, no matter who it is they go up against. And I don’t wish serious harm on anyone, although I guess seeing Matt Cooke run over by a souped-up zamboni might be kind of fun.

Hopefully, Sid’s healing goes well and he’s back in shipshape form sooner than later. The league needs him, he’s a class act, and that’s enough bad luck for a guy who grew up a Habs fan.









19 thoughts on “Crosby-Talk”

  1. Bruins got Jagr and hopefully they do not know how to use him effectively so it will be a lost trade. Oh well like I was told early in life dance with the girl that got you here and it will all work out. Go Habs Go!

  2. dra, they can have him. This doesn’t worry me one bit. Jagr’s best days are way behind him, and I’ve read that he doesn’t like coaches tell him what to do, which goes completely against what the Habs are all about.

  3. Very well said, Dennis. Crosby is truly a class act and doesn’t deserve to endure the injuries that he has experienced over the past couple of seasons….BTW, I really am enjoying your blog, Dennis, and look forward to its arrival every day. You write unusually well and provide an interesting perspective on all manner of Habs-related topics, both historical and current. Thank you for your efforts!

  4. dra58, hate to be a nit-picker but could you change your avatar. I hate to see the CH on a golf ball bad omen, a Laff crest looks preety darn good though!

  5. Mike, I kind of like the golf ball. I wouldn’t mind having one myself. (even though I haven’t golfed in years).

  6. Sorry but they are my two favorite passions for sports so I just combined them I do not believe in omens but I do think this team looks a lot like the team we had in 86.

  7. And dra, they have as many points in as many games as they did in one of those glorious late-70s seasons. Just a great time for us right now.

  8. You are so right. Last nite at the game was amazing and Thursday nite’s game should be just as electric as well. When they are going there is no better place to be than the Bell Center. A great example was 17000+ showed up Easter Sunday to watch a practice. Habs are really a religion for many of us die hard fans.

  9. I hope Sidney Crosby has a full and speedy recovery. But I have a bad feeling about this. How many punishing blows to the head can a body take before it causes permanent damage?

  10. I couldn’t careless whether he’s 100% when and if we play them in the playoffs. we’ve had our share of injuries as anyone. Crosby is Crosby and he deserves all the respect he gets. He sure is different than Gretz or Lemiuex. Not the big dynamic player they were but he sure is all-round. Whoever we play better be at the top of their game because the habs are only beginning. A pretty young team that gets better every game.

    The Jagr trade to Boston doesn’t concern me either. He’stoo old to be an impact. He may get an assist or two. Depends how crucial they are. The bruins are big and slow. They betterimprove their defense if they want a crack because I don’t think Tukka Dump is a bonafide starter yet. He’s defintiely not Carry Price.

  11. We just got Davis Drewiske a stay at home defenseman from L.A. for a 5th round draft pick. Really all we need if we really had a need to fill.

  12. I wouldn’t mind if Sid has an occational off game against the Habs. He, like many others, always seems to save his best for the team he grew up idolizing. Imagine if Montreal had won the Crosby sweepstakes, or if Pittsburgh could have been suckered into a deal.

  13. dra58, DK can tell you as he knows me like a a book I was just kidding around, no offence intended!!!

  14. Mike,
    No offense taken by me as I love both and never
    worry about peoples opinions anyway so relax.
    We are all diehard Habs fans so ot’s all good.

  15. All the trades, all the hype,the so-called big names moving around– Habs just tweaking the little areas which pay BIG DIVIDENDS. Bergevin doing just what I’d do– avoid the masses and their ideas, leave the over-paid re-treads alone & get help from the humble folks –my buddy halprin got first star last nite!!! AND he’s liked in the room!! That Goat’s Head Soup manager we had last year would’ve really brought in some soap suds. There’s no ‘I’ in team. Our Habs will take on anybody and either do well or take a 6-0 bashing—- remember what happened last year after such a game??? Remember what happened THIS YEAR after such a game!! Sorry just getting some pro- Habs emotions off my chest Even Bergevin is in awe at having his job!!!! He’s a Habs FAN not just an employee.

  16. Hey Dennis,You are correct in saying that you hope he heals well.This was a very unfortunate happening,one I’m sure Sid and the Penquins could do without.Pucks are very hard,I’ve been hit in the face numerous occasions and have been extremely lucky as I never lost any teeth, just one root canal. I hope Sid gets better with no ill affects,he deserves better then this.

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