Crosby Out Until Further Notice

This morning’s media conference regarding the state of Sidney Crosby showed a clear “it’s going to take more time.”

Dr. Michael Collins, sitting with Pens general manager Ray Shero, Sidney, and Dr. Ted Carrick, first described what a concussion is, saying the person feels fogginess, headaches, fatigue, things feel in slow motion, and that Sidney has a high form of concussion that isn’t allowing him to be the Ferrari that he is. “I anticipate him (Sid) returning in the future,” said the doctor. “We’ll wait until he’s 100%. At this point in time, he’s not there yet.”

Sidney answered questions, saying he feels good, and retirement has never entered into the picture. He said maybe he could get by with being 90% but wants to be completely healed before playing again. The doctors then promptly added that they wouldn’t allow him to play at 90% anyway.

Sidney was asked what the worst part was over these many months, and he said, not surprisingly, that it was in the beginning. “I didn’t like driving, or watching TV or listening to the radio. Even watching video at team meetings was tough.”

“There’s no reason not to take those  (headshots) out,” said Sid. “Guys have to be responsible. We have to adjust.” 

Crosby was asked directly if he thought he was likely or unlikely to play in this upcoming season. “Likely,” answered The Kid.


5 thoughts on “Crosby Out Until Further Notice”

  1. If Sidney Crosby and his team want to take head shots out of the game, I have the following suggestion…

    If they’re really serious about this, and want to send out a strong message, they can start in their own back yard and get rid of Matt Cooke…

  2. u r so right danno but………………..wait a minute the pens say, we don’t REALLY want to drive the bus

  3. Teams don’t want head shots out of the game, they just don’t want their own players to get injured. What’s best for the fans and the good of the game is way down the list.

    The dilemma for many teams is whether the potential increase in probability of winning the game is worth more than the potential decrease in ticket sales? I’ll bet today all teams are asking their doctors for best guesses as to whether Sidney will be back for the game against their team.

  4. I get the feeling he’ll be gone this season. The whole season. If he does come back it probably won’t be for long because I will bet you that someone is going to make him a target. I’m sure it’ll be “accidental” (want to buy a bridge?) though.

    I hope he comes back and is healthy but I get a bad feeling that he’s very close to having to retire. I bet one more hit and he’s done. One of the game’s greats having to retire early. This will hopefully kick the NHL into action.

  5. I get the feeling also that he’ll be gone for the season, Darth. Hope I’m wrong. It’s a shame that a premier player like that is in trouble the way he is.

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