Crawford Thinks I’ll Play

Yes, it’s true I’m a smallish-yet-shifty right winger, but honestly, I haven’t decided if I’ll even play anywhere in 2014, let alone take up a spot on Team Canada’s roster.

Really, even though Marc Crawford feels I’ll be there, I just don’t know. I’m getting long in the tooth. I haven’t played since those Byers Bulldozer Midget glory days and a few momentous nights with the National Grocers beer league team. I also don’t have any skates or stick.

I don’t care if speculation is running rampant on this, I’ll just take my time in deciding.  It’s something I need to think about, regardless of how many millions want me on Team Canada.

I’ll know when the time comes. So until then people, you’re just going to have to chill.

8 thoughts on “Crawford Thinks I’ll Play”

  1. Now my stupid Leafs are going to win the last three games and pick 9th….oh my god…lottery lost

  2. Dennis, don’t be ridiculous and tease us like this. We all know you’re going. You’re going to go and be the highest scoring player in Team Canada history and you’ll blow the world away. Then you’ll sign a contract with the Habs for 9.5 million a year for 7 years and score about 80 goals a year. Enough with this false modesty ok?

    We all know you pretend all the time. 🙂

  3. Leaf Fan:

    The game on Saturday is going to be a weird one. Both out of the playoffs, both wanting a high draft pick, and both with some players playing for pride (and contracts for some) and both with a bunch of floaters. It could either be a great game or the worst thing ever.

  4. I maybe the harbinger of reality future (stunningly, I did not win the MegaMillions jackpot and could not buy the Canadiens [I’d gladly become a Canadian]), but you can not go in 2014. Our Cup run with be adversely effected by this venture. What is more important, Gold for Canada or the Cup for the Habs?

  5. Mike McKim, you make some fine points. Being on Team Canada would effect the Habs run and I can’t be selfish. Bur what about the millions of fans who want me there? And yes, a Cup for the Habs is more important than gold for Canada, so I need advice from my wife or the Dalai Lama or somebody.
    Jerry in San Jose said the lottery in California was 500 million and he was going to buy the Habs if he won. I thought for sure that between the two of you, one of you would win but you didn’t. I don’t understand.

  6. Darth, I’m undecided. Mike Mc makes some good points. What if the Habs need me? And will I be able to get time off work at BC Ferries for this? It’s just very complicated.

  7. Dennis, assuming the NHL shuts down for the Olympics, I think you can win Canada Olympic gold and return to win the Canadiens the Stanley Cup. Both Yzerman and Toews did it. I think 2014 will be your year.

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