Cover Boys

Thursday’s Le Journal de Montreal, with a front page photo of some of the guys when the clock hit zero.

Rene Bourque is thinking “Oh man, I’m a part of this, I’ve helped, and I’m lovin’ it!” Dale Weise is going “whoooo!” because he truly loves the CH, and he knows how proud his dad is right now . Thomas Vanek is thinking “I’m on a team I really love”. Max is saying “She’s done, we did it. Sweet!!”

And the two kids, Michael Bournival and Nathan Beaulieu are saying “Wow, probably the best I’ve ever felt!”


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  1. Sooooo much too say, but can’t type as fast as my brain; so—–THANK YOU MARC BERGEVIN for hiring the people you did—AND YES even coach Therrian—-Thank you to the team for saving the best for the playoffs… And thank you Bruins for letting North America see you for what you are—rotten apples in the league .. There are some of you I admire, yes but your organization reeks of sewer seepage. What a few daze we had!!!

  2. Eight down and eight to go!

    Speed, skill and class triumphs over stupidity and hacking.

    Habs are in the final four and anything is possible!


  3. Dennis,

    When Billy Big Pants put on his biggest pants on the way to being elected President of the Big Pants Society it was nowhere near as big as this.

    Putting to one side the long history between the two teams, it seems to me that ever seen the Chara incident and the Beantown Beatdown a few seasons back, there always seemed to be an unspoken belief that whatever small victories the Canadiens managed in regular season, when the chips were down Boston had the skills to win the big one and if that didn’t work then they could beat the smaller team into submission.

    This time it seemed they could summon neither the skill levels nor the high grade intimidation of previous campaigns.

    Of course in the skills department the Bruins missed Seidenberg, in particular, (but look at who Montreal were missing in 2011?). Perhaps the lack of Horton and Ference meant their smaller goon quotient inhibited them in that area. Plus the fact that through the series the Canadiens were either leading or close enough to ensure that they couldn’t risk sustained goonery.

    The real story though is that the Canadiens got something from all four lines. Not all lines every game, but enough to get it done. The lack of scoring from Boston’s top 2 lines seems to be the key. Price’s goal tending (and those posts and crossbars) apart, was it poor form or great shutdown work by the Habs? Greater minds can answer that question.

    But added to the form shown against Tampa, these playoff performances seem more complete than 2010. What is striking is that the team seems relatively healthy and it was Boston who seemed to run out of gas. So there’s no sense of just staggering out of one series into another.

    So the Rangers shouldn’t prove to big a problem then?

    If only that were true.

    But I just hope they keep playing well and MT makes the right selections. The rest is down to that little bit of luck you always need.

    This from the HEOTP site posted by a “Roloman” is just the best.

  4. Is it too late retract previous comments from November, December, January, February, and March regarding the lack of progress, lame power play, inactivity in moving out Rene Bourque, comparing Bourque to Gomez, doubting Therrien, and regretting the signing of Danny Briere?

    They have been such a treat to watch since the West Coast swing!

    (I couldn’t help myself. The Make believes website would one think the Marlies are the only hockey story around)

  5. It’s not too late, Mike. I think every Habs fan was guilty of this, including me.

  6. Great stuff, Donal. The Rangers are similar to the Canadiens in many ways. More of a skating team than Boston, which should make for a dandy of a series. It was the arrogance of the Bruins that did them in. And the Canadiens’ unreal character. It’s been a while since we’ve seen such a gutsy bunch of fellows. Weise and Weaver have added tons. Vanek in other ways and still tremendously important. Bournival is a beauty. This is a kid who’s going to be so great as the years go by. I went to a practice awhile back and was he ever impressive. And because he had junior seniority, it was his job to collect all the pucks after everyone else went off. Usually he’s a serious kid, but in that picture from Le Journal I posted, I’ve never seen him so happy. Warms the cockles of my heart.

  7. Mike, I make NO apologies for for being very critical of the team during the months you mentioned. Many nites they never showed up! One, two or three players a nite is one thing, but all your skaters? Unacceptable. They’re not rookies, they’re highly paid athletes paid to perform and entertain the 21,000 paying customers who pay their salary. Am I bitter—-NO—-they righted their wrongs and are giving us a brand of hockey Habs fans have longed for for years–esp us older codgers who endured 21 years of broken dreams mixed with some tinges of hope squashed repeatedly We wanted superstar free agents— we got other teams rejects this March!!! BUT they don’t seem to useless to our drive for 25!!!I’ve read that Marc Begevin was a gritty style player and that allows him to recognize the attributes of Weaver,Weise,etc. The boys have gelled AND I call the coach Therrian now Not Thornbush. For whatever reason they’re a changed team. Mike, none of this note is in defiance or anger to your comment, I will add though that while most of you were on with your lives after a Habs game, I was in tears over the enthusiasm of THE BELL well into the nite. Hearing that crowd in Montreal all the way over near Owen Sound ,Ont still puts tears in my eyes. Guess I said enough, and I repeat—no hard feelings fellow fan. Hoping to make it to the Bell first home game of the year for the season opener festivities. Seats at the rafters are fine with me—just to be there ONCE.

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