Couch Dweller

The older I got and the more brothers and sisters who came along, my bedroom ended up being the living room couch because our house was just a little bigger than a car garage. Or to put it in perspective, just slightly smaller than Brad Marchand’s nose.

But I didn’t mind this arrangement. I was a teenager with a TV and phone near me. Just like rich teenagers..

And one more comparison to the little house I grew up in? I think it was just a bit bigger than the washroom at Boston’s TD Banknorth Garden where one poor Habs fan just wanted to pee but had to put up with several dozen wildly immature and boorish Bruins fans. (Thanks to Danno for sending this clip along).

4 thoughts on “Couch Dweller”

  1. Pretty sure this is my all-time fave pic of you Dennis. The sign is just the cherry on top. As for the video, well sadly I no longer expect anything other than poor sportsmanship from a certain fanbase.

  2. Hi Tyg. I’ve no idea where that sign came from but my dad was a sign painter and worked part time in a printing shop so maybe it was him. But nobody needed to be quiet. Back then I could sleep through anything. Geez I miss that.

  3. Ha!ha! Great photo of you! Doing what all teenagers need – sleeping.

    That video clip sure stays with us fora while, doesn’t it? This is no longer about hockey. This clip proves how ugly human being can be. My heart really goes out to that young man. But you know what? If I was young again, I would chose the Canadian guy over the others anyway. Almost all of the Thugs looked like criminals. Now we understand why their fanbase is so revolting.

  4. No wonder the line up’s at BC ferries are so long! Breaks over DK.
    Cheers from the East!!!!

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