Cool Leafs Snub

As we make our way across the country, I thought I’d change things up slightly and do this instead.

The telegraph below is a tad difficult to read so I’ll type it.

It’s from the Leafs’ Conn Smythe to player Jackie Leclair, dated Sept. 15, 1952.

“You received instructions per your contract to report to the training camp September 14th. Have you any good reason why we should not suspend you for failure to report.”

telegraph 1

Jackie Leclair replied,

“Sorry, cannot report to camp. Still playing baseball. Be through on the 20th. Would rather stay in Quebec. Letter on the way.”

telegraph 2

Leclair never did report to the Leafs and later on, from 1954 to 1957 (3 seasons), he would play for the Montreal Canadiens where he got his name engraved on the Stanley Cup twice.


4 thoughts on “Cool Leafs Snub”

  1. Hey Dennis.
    Haven’t checked your blog since your post of December 22nd when you said you were off on your drive across the country. Just didn’t realize you would still be doing it.
    Nice surprise today as I quickly got a guided tour of your travels across Canada to BC. Great stuff and enjoyed reading it. Best of luck to your second retirement and look forward to your Habs blog from afar….even with your limited TV coverage.
    Happy New Year to Lucy and yourself.

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