Continuing Down The Old Scrapbook Trail

More of the old scrapbook, including Habs playing baseball, Maurice Richard appearing on Front Page Challenge, Beehives, Backstrom, Blake, and players with their kids.

Bill Hicke, between the two Bee Hives, walks down the corridor of the old Forum, a place where I stood once and watched the trainers wheel carts of equipment out of.

Just a lot of stuff that would keep me, and often my friends too, entertained for hours when I should have been outside getting fresh air instead.

The photos can be enlarged by double-clicking on them. I only just recently found this out. And part one of the scrapbook can be found right here.

5 thoughts on “Continuing Down The Old Scrapbook Trail”

  1. Dennis, where did the cut-outs from the second page come from? The action photos on blue background. They look great and don’t look like they’ve aged at all. I can imagine spreading them out on a table and recreating games for hours.

  2. Christopher, they’re from old Forum calendars. If I would have been savvy, I would have left the calendars intact. I even think my dad cut them up too. But like you said previously, it’s not good to live in a cellophane world, just enjoy the stuff instead. It’s very true.

  3. Really good stuff Dennis.
    Don’t know why, but with some of the images on your last scrapbook entry I was able to zoom in really close and actually read the captions and stories. Thanks again for sharing.

  4. I love that Doug Harvey photo in the top picture! I’d love to get a picture like that…and the artwork….oh man. This is something I’d stare at for hours and hours on end. This book is priceless.

  5. I’m proud of my scrapbook, Darth. But the older it gets, the older it’s behaving. Pictures are coming loose and all that. I need to fix a few things when I get a chance.

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