Congratulations To Viggo

Actor Viggo Mortensen has dedicated his Genie Award to the Montreal Canadiens, which is a tremendous gesture. Viggo won the best-supporting award on Thursday night for his portrayal of famed psychologist Sigmund Freud in the movie A Dangerous Method.

I’ve been saying for months that the Habs need a good shrink, and I think there’s a hidden meaning in here somewhere.

Thanks to both Danno and my son Rory for sending me this heads-up.

12 thoughts on “Congratulations To Viggo”

  1. He seems like a die hard Habs fan, you could see it when he had the honour of introducing Guy at the 100 year celebration night! GO VIGGO GO!!!!

  2. Mike, I think it was a nice touch. He made a point of showing he’s a fan even during these dark days. He does seem like a die-hard fan.

  3. I wonder what Sigmund Freud would have to say about the average Habs fan’s state of mind?

    This season has separated the true fans from the bandwaggon jumpers.

    I hope Viggo is right and the Habs come back with a vengeance next season.

  4. Danno, they will come back with a vengeance next season. Just some serious tweaking needs to be done.

  5. Exactly, Danno. Make them bigger, meaner, with better hands and passion. Four solid lines. Good power play. No Gomez.

  6. As fans were spending $3B watching LOTR movies they were watching Aragorn wearing a Canadiens T-shirt. All Tolkien fans are duty bound to follow their king’s lead and become Hab fans. Leaf nation, hah, we rule all of (middle) Earth.

    On the down side, for this movie’s TIFF opening, Mortensen gave Kiera Knightley his Lafleur jersey and wore a Gomez one.

  7. Chris, I’ve never understood the Lord of the Rings trilogy or whatever it is. I tried but somehow my little pea brain doesn’t compute and I get lost quickly. But I know our team is Lord of the Rings. 24 rings.

  8. I loved the Lord Of The Ring films and when I found out about him wearing a Habs shirt under his costume made me love them even more. Thank god he’s not a Bruins fan.

    We need 25 Rings. 25 is a great number. Then after that we can talk about how pretty 26 looks.

  9. I read the Lord of the Rings voraciously and The Hobbit is probably one of my all time favorites! Love, love, love Viggo for the obvious reason. Would so like to see him pose for Playgirl wrapped in that Habs blanket or flag or whatever it is…

    A girl can only dream….

  10. Marjo, don’t be silly. It should be Dennis posing for Playgirl obviously…laying on a Habs rug of course. It’d be their best selling issue ever. 🙂

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