Coming Tomorrow To A Computer Near You

My son-in law in Russia, who is also an old friend, was just at a KHL game in St. Petersburg and took a veritable cornucopia of nice photos while he was there.

Beginning sometime tomorrow, I’ll be showing glimpses of the game through his photos in a three-part series.

It’ll give you some kind of insight on what it looks like at a Russian game, and I’m really hoping you’ll enjoy it and find it quite facinating.

Below….his ticket to the game, which he paid 500 rubles to attend (about 17 dollars).

500 rubles will buy a bottle of tequila, two movie dvd’s, one small can of red caviar, or pay your water and hydro bill in Russia for a month. You can also buy 100 ruble tickets and I’ll tell you in part one what you can buy for this amount.

Please have a look tomorrow for part one.

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