Coming Home

My neighbours Beatnik and Mrs. Beatnik (Rob and Pattie) are in Victoria (Esquimalt) to greet their son Jeremy as he comes home after serving aboard the HMCS Vancouver. The ship and crew have been off the coast of Libya since last July, helping to restore peace, liberate ports, and get food into the country.

Beatnik noticed a couple a Habs fans as everyone waited for the ship, and he sends the photos along.

Congratulations to Jeremy and crew for doing a big job and coming home safe and sound.

6 thoughts on “Coming Home”

  1. It’s really cool that we have fans all over the place. Now if we could only play well enough to be a top team again I’m sure they would be much happier.

    If I were their son I would be so happy to get home. My first stop would be to Tim Horton’s for a big coffee.

  2. Well done Jeremy, It’s nice to know we have fine fellows like you & Derry’s son, I’m sure the Beatniks are very proud.
    Quite a differant breed than those A–Holes who riot for no apparent reason other than to be A–Holes!!

  3. Awesome story Dennis.

    Too bad Habs suck the big one again. I give up again. Just when you think it couldnt get any worse, they show up to the rink. We need another overhaul. Get rid of these loser unprofessionals. Such a disgrace. They all suck, even Carey.

  4. Hey Dennis,I’m glad and happy Beatnicks son Jeremy has returned safely,I know when I see any of our guys(and girls) coming home from over there I get a chill and am very proud to be A Canadian.My hat goes off to you all.

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