Come-From-Behind Kids Tie Series With Hawks

Could it be we were all wrong about this?

I’m not sure I heard anyone say the Flyers had a chance against Chicago, and yet, after four games, the series is tied and it’s the Hawks now who have the jitters. And could it be that there was a reason most of Montreal’s forward were silent when they played Philadelphia? Because the Hawks forwards are just as silent as Montreal’s were.

Maybe the Flyers are for real after all.

Take away the nasty and belligerent fans in Philadelphia. Forget the Broad St. bullies of old. This team, and it’s only a little tough to say, is a great-looking squad indeed, led by the gigantic and hockey-wise Chris Pronger, who doesn’t stand for any horseplay in front of his goalie.

This orange team first took out the upper-echelon New Jersey Devils, then came back from down 3 games to nil to the Boston Bruins and won it in game seven after fronting the Bruins three goals, and now have stormed back from a two-game deficit to tie everyone’s sexy pick – the Chicago Blackhawks.

This is pretty impressive work by the Phildelphia Flyers. Wow.

Is it possible they can win it all?

5 thoughts on “Come-From-Behind Kids Tie Series With Hawks”

  1. I’d rather see the Cup melted down and sold for scrap metal than have Carcillo’s name defile it forever. And Pronger might not stand for any nonsense in front of his goalie, but he doesn’t mind cross-checking and slashing away in front of the opposing goalie. Why would he? He’s a bully and he gets away with it. It’s not like the refs are going to call him for hacking away at the Hawks players like they’re oaks he’s trying to fell. That hardly earns my respect and endorsement.

    As for the Devils – Brodeur’s knees are shot. Boston chokes but they had offensive problems with Kreiji (sp) gone, and Montreal has problems maintaining offense outside of Cammy and Gio. The Hawks didn’t bother even showing up for the first 40 minutes of last night’s game.

    Would rather slit my wrists open with a rusty sawblade than ever say anything nice about the Flyers. Yeah, I’m a hater. You should hear me take shots at the Leafs, but then again who doesn’t, and anyway I haven’t got the time to do that all day no matter how temping.

  2. It’s true that the Flyers are hackers. They have no class and wear the ugliest uniforms. But they are giving the Hawks a run for their money.
    Still, I’d rather eat pieces of glass from a broken light bulb than see these ugly orange-assed baboons win. Yes, I’m talking to you Scott Hartnell!
    The bright side in all of this is that if Philly wins, it means we were taken out of the playoffs by the Stanley Cup champs — giving us a legitimate claim to being one of the top three teams in the league.
    I still wonder though how we would have fared against the Hawks had we gotten by Philly…

  3. Beauty rant, Tyg. But they’re getting it done. Although I hate them too, and I really hate those orange jerseys. One of your quotes is going on the home page.

  4. Danno, you and Tyg made a couple of great rants. Love it. The only respect I have for the Flyers is that they’re still playing. Bastards.

  5. Dennis I’m truly honored by your liking of my rusty sawblade wrist slicing, which you posted on the home page. Danno don’t even get me started on the Hallowe’en colors (what IS that) and cro-magnon man Scott Hartnell, but I’m glad you ranted about it and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I heartily concur, especially with the whole orange-assed baboons. Beauty.

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