Colisee Time

Habs at Le Colisee Pepsi in Quebec City to beat the Hurricanes.

There’s probably still a lot of Quebecers who aren’t crazy about the Habs after those Nordiques years. Or maybe it started when the Canadiens took Jean Beliveau from them.

We need a win and a good showing from the bleu, blanc et rouge tonight to impress these passionate fans in the provincial capital. And impress the rest of us too.


12 thoughts on “Colisee Time”

  1. Count me among those Habs fans who would love to see the NHL return to Quebec City. Seriously, can you imagine the intensity of a rivalry in a division with teams located in Quebec City, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Detroit, Boston and Buffalo (forget about the two Florida teams)?

  2. I’m with you, Ian. It would be awesome. What a division that would be. What a rivalry the Habs and Nords once had. I guess it’s all about the arena, which only only holds 15,000, but it would be so great if Quebec came back.

  3. Hey Dennis, You guys have that right but I ‘m not sure just how long it would take the Nordiques to build a good enough team as if you remember they stole the Stasny Brothers all at once out of the Czech Republic…Czechoslovakia at the time. I think that the fans help make the rivalry explode into what it is but you need a team to compete with.

  4. Dennis, this off-site game counts as a home game for the Hurricanes.

    I’ll bet it will be the biggest home crowd they draw all year.

    Why is Bettman being such a dick about Quebec getting a franchise while the league supports so many deadbeat franchises?

  5. RDS analyst Marc Denis says Ryan White is in danger of being sent to the minors if he does not prove his value to the club. Prospects will be trying to take his place by putting in a good performance tonight.

  6. That’s going to make it so interesting, Danno. It’s early in the first now, and no one yet has stood out.

  7. Danno, Bournival might even stick. The thing about Ryan White is he has such a big heart and lots of guts, but we need just a few points from that fourth line. How great it would be to see all four lines contributing.

  8. Dennis…I was called Raymond because my mother, Theresa Savoie was born in Montreal but still follows the games in theUSA….Max is proud to be playing for the Habs…good luck this season Dennis….you have a great blog

    Regards….Ray Pacioretty(Max’s Dad)

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