Cody Hodgson Will Help The Canucks. This Spells Nausea For Me

Foe those of you who didn’t see the World Juniors pre-tournament exhibition game between Canada and Sweden, it might be interesting to note that Montreal draft pick PK Subban had a good game and likes to throw his body around. He plays with a bit of a recklessness, which would be a welcome site in Montreal, and he plays the way Ryan O’Byrne should play.

(At least he played the first two periods this way. I graciously gave the remote to my wife because sometimes a man has to do what a man has to do.)


It’s also entirely possible that Vancouver draft pick Cody Hodgson, along with John Tavares, is Canada’s best player.

If Vancouver starts to become a good team because of players like Mats Sundin and soon, Hodgson, do you realize how annoying it’s going to get for me to listen to Canucks fans going on and on about their team? I don’t know if I’d be able to stand it. Sometimes I really wish I lived in Habs country.


And a note to readers from other countries: You may or may not know this but hockey-loving Canadians absolutely love the World Junior Championship. It’s like a mid-season Stanley Cup for us. We pack the rinks, sit glued to our TV’s, get loud and silly around TV’s in sports bars, and in general, cheer like crazy.


We have no idea why you guys don’t embrace this classy deal like we do.

12 thoughts on “Cody Hodgson Will Help The Canucks. This Spells Nausea For Me”

  1. Haha, well played. It was definitely a good game, it’ll be a tough decision on Sunday; Montreal or Canada. I’ll probably opt for Canada and switch it back. I LOVE junior hockey.

  2. Oh, I know, Dani. This was directed more at the European hockey nations where the seats are empty. I could’ve been more specific. I just took it for granted about Canada and the US as one.

  3. Hey Dennis. JW checking in from Ottawa where the Sens actually produced some offence last night and scored 5 goals to beat Dallas in OT. Early Christmas present for us Sens fans as they don’t play the next home game until Jan. 10th. World Junior championship moves in and I’ll be seeing 17 games over the 11 day run. Fine time for our bus drivers to hit the streets as we’re into the 11th day of a transit strike. Hope that Canada can pull off the 5-peat as there doesn’t appear to be any chance of this local NHL team winning a Championship anytime soon.
    GO CANADA GO!!!!!!!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours.

  4. Thanks Jim. Same to you.
    Who would’ve thought Ottawa would have scoring problems. And enjoy the Juniors. I saw a Canada-Czech game in Calgary in the mid-90’s and it was fantastic. 20,000 screaming people as Canada came from behind to win.
    Please say hi to Gregg. Do you know if he reads this blog?

  5. Habs represented in 3 countries! Torp in Sweden (who’s a mean hit-throwing machine), Kristo and McDonagh in the USA, and (my favourite, I love this kid) the Subbanator for the home team. Three defensemen and a forward. Not too shabby!

  6. At one time I did send a link to your site to Gregg and told him to check it.I only see him at pool time and I’m not sure if he followed up on it. JW.

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