Coach Martin All Aglow With Spacek News

Pat Hickey has reported in Habs Inside/Out that Jaroslav Spacek will be out four to six weeks because of a right knee that needs arthroscopic surgery to fix.

For some, this news is neither here nor there as they weren’t huge Spacek fans in the first place.

For others, they’re extremely happy that the defenceman isn’t gone for the season and will be back for the playoff run. This includes me.

For Jacques Martin, the excitement of the news was enough for him to scream and shout, jump for joy, do cartwheels and drool and thank the Lord and whistle while he works. He couldn’t contain himself. I know this because Martin was quoted as saying the news on Spacek was “welcome.”

Calm down, Jacques.

5 thoughts on “Coach Martin All Aglow With Spacek News”

  1. The Habs have the privilege of having the least-animated coach in the history of the NHL.

    A figure from Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum could easily fill in for Jacques Martin on any night and nobody would notice.

    I wonder if he pulled out his note pad when he heard the good news about Spacek…

    But that would be overdoing it. So no.

  2. Danno, having Jacques pull put his note pad is way too much to ask. I love your Madame Tussaud reference. It’s almost true – no one would notice!

  3. Hey Dennis,How true Danno,Jaques Martin is noyt a graduate of the Pat Burns coaching school.I think it keeps the players calm when the coach isn’t ranting and raving.I know when I coached minor hockey I considered it a sin to yell at the Refs as it didnt set a good example for the kids.

  4. Derry, did several of your players go on to an NHL career where they credited their coach and bought you a car?

  5. I must be a glass half empty guy. Why couldn’t it be Gorges or Markov that returns for the play-offs? I know I’ve complained about it before, but I also regret the draft pick we gave up so that Mara can warm a press box chair.

    When Spacek returns we’ll have 9 defencemen on the roster leaving no space for an extra forward. I’d rather see Mara released than send Picard or Weber back to Hamilton for the play-offs.

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