7 thoughts on “Coach Farm”

  1. This is gold. I wonder how Totorella was like on that farm. He must have been an unruly creature.

    This is the post of the week. Unless Gomez scores 7 goals tonight of course.

  2. I just think this part of the video is pure comedy gold. Especially what Delmer says about Jacques…


    The coaches are proud of their unusual upbringing. And Delmer is proud of them:

    “We’ve Bobby here. He won a Cup. We’ve got Killer. We’ve got Claude. He’s from Montreal. And Jacques, he won a couple of ribbons there at the County Fair. And we’ve got Burnsie here. Boy he was a wild one. Tough to take.”

    They make you proud eh?

    “Oh yeah. Those are my Grade A boys.”


    Hats off to James Duthie and all the coaches on Delmer’s farm for being good sports and providing us with some great laughs.

  3. that’s the most emotion out of jm yet………. obviously flunked” yelling at the reffs “class………………. xclent danno

  4. Danno, J-Mart to the glue factory. I don’t like what’s going on but I suppose the old injury excuse is as good as any. But therein lies the GM’s job. He’s supposed to supply the players. And fire the coach when the job isn’t getting done. Maybe they both should go to the glue factory.

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