C’mon Tuesday

Just can’t wait for Tuesday when the Habs kick off their 2013-14 campaign. I fully expect them to do well. But that’s just me. I expect it every year.

And it sucks when it doesn’t end up that way.

Of course it all stems on injuries and whether some guys have lousy years, like the goalie for example. If everything is fine in all areas, if the power play and penalty kill are in the top half of the conference, if the stick boy gets the sticks out in time, if we can finally get someone in the top ten or twenty in league point-getting, who knows, maybe the boys can surprise.

But right now, I think most pundits don’t give them much of a chance unless Carey Price is outstanding. I’d say Price is under some serious pressure whether he feels it or not.

As it stands, Brandon Prust doesn’t belong to any set line, which is a bonus. Prust will move from line to line and get his minutes. He’s an all-liner and a key guy. He’ll go where needed, and do the job well. And he has a beautiful girlfriend.

If Michael Bournival can score in the regular season the way he did in preseason, it would be such a boost to the fourth line and to overall team depth. Travis Moen seems to have slowed down somewhat, so we have that to stew over, and Ryan White got a haircut, which might help in some cosmic way.

George Parros has his own job to do, and we’re expecting him to change the dynamics and flatten a few noses.

I don’t mind the look of this lineup. Everyone says they’re still too small and generally don’t have enough to make a dent the way Boston or Chicago or a few others can. And there’s Ottawa and Detroit and so many other strong teams to contend with. But if all the Habs planets are aligned properly, who knows. I’ve always loved magic.

Bournival-White Moen-Prust-Parros

I miss the days when we steamrolled through everyone and we were a contented bunch of Habs fans. Habs haters say we were smug. I like the word “contented” better.

We can only wait and see how it all works out. And hope and go to church and walk little old ladies across the street.

Max looks like he’s rarin’ to go. Briere seems to fitting in and might help Desharnais. Gionta’s back. Gallagher and Galchenyuk have half a season under their belts and need more steps forward and none backward. Eller is stronger with two and a half seasons completed. Pleks is only 31, a nice younger-type veteran, and I’m sure is still flying.

Bournival-White Moen-Prust-Parros

Defence, with Alexei Emelin still to come, which, when he does, will move things around slightly. Markov and Emelin have had previous chemistry. PK needs to be a Norris winner again or in serious contention. Jarred Tinordi could be a beauty. Can Gorges, Diaz, and Bouillon clear traffic in front of Price?

What about Drew Drewiske? Will he sit in the press box most nights?


Nathan Beaulieu, Greg Pateryn, Christian Thomas and others wait in the wings if any of the regulars aren’t earning their paycheques. And if some players need to be moved, we have some nice prospects who can be part of a package in a big trade Marc Bergevin can concoct to upgrade things.

Just can’t wait for things to start. C’mon Tuesday.

5 thoughts on “C’mon Tuesday”

  1. This might be one of those seasons where the pundits are right. We saw how well the Habs played last season when Carey Price was on his game. When his game and his confidence deserted him, the team’s chances for a deep playoff run vanished as well. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again–and this is a point I made before, during and after the playoffs last season–Carey Price cannot keep being the second best goalie in his playoff series’. I’ve been his biggest fan and his biggest supporter, but it’s time for him to deliver on the confidence so many fans have shown in him.

  2. Price looked good against the Binghampton Senators.

    I think the Habs could surprise a few experts this year as long as injuries don’t haunt them and Price stays solid.

    They have more toughness and a couple of promising new additions.

    I like the way Brière is serving up the puck to the guy in the crease on a silver platter.

    I like the combination of tough but smart defense by Jarred Tinordi.

    I love the way Bournival keeps finding ways to put pucks in the net.

    I really like the idea of having a few big guys – like George Parros – who can make the other teams goons think twice about picking on our smaller more talented players.

    All in all, I like our chances this year.

  3. I’ve been waiting for Tuesday for months. It’s going to be an epic year. Remember, your team, and my team, has to finish in the top 3 to be assured of a playoff spot. There’s no guarantee that a team from our Division will get the 4th spot. With Detroit thrown in the mix … oh my. It’s going to be epic. Looking forward to some great games!

  4. And now comes the time to juggle an already busy life with the addition of hockey. I could record it but its just never the same.

    I hope Proce shines this year. I got tired of holding my breath each time the puck was anywhere near him. Go Price.

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