5 thoughts on “Clobber Those Leafs In Game 82”

  1. DK, I hear the Leafs are in tough ( ONLY 83 GAMES OUT OF A PLAYOFF SPOT!! :<) Glad to hear you really enjoyed your trip back to your old stomping grounds. Hope your trip home went smoothly.
    Les Canadiens sont la, GO HABS GO!!!!

  2. Mike, it went smooth as silk. The trip was great. Even saw old buddies from years ago like Ron Clarke, Mel St. Onge, and Gary Cooper. Everyhting went perfect, and like I said before, it was so great to see you and Diana. Let’s get together again.

  3. What’s with the fine print at the bottom of the cup with the Leafs logo? “odds of winning the cup, 1 in 99”. It doesn’t matter the year, 2006 or 2056, you or even me has a better chance of winning the Conn Smythe, than the Leafs do of winning the Cup.

  4. Christopher, I really believe that by the year 2050, the Leafs will make the finals. You heard it here first.

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