7 thoughts on “Clean Hit On Lucic”

  1. Lucic has been going on about this for days. Says he can’t even watch the clip of it happening.

    I mentioned this on Twitter, but he reminds me of some of the kids in daycare. They bully and run over people around them but the moment someone does anything back (and rightfully so), they go crying to anyone who’ll listen.

    He calls him a coward this week and last week he was praising him. Lucic you putz.

  2. Lucic is a whiny crybaby……….ironic, considering that he constantly accuses the Habs of being just that. That said, watch for him or another Bruin to go headhunting if/when the teams meet up in the playoffs. Emelin will have a bullseye on his chest.

  3. Hey Dennis, Well Darth that is how bullies operate, go after the smaller guys but when it comes to them taking on someone bigger they begin to whine and snivel. Lucic should have been a leg model according to this picture Dennis, he may have faired better wearing nylons then hockey socks.

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