6 thoughts on “Claude Knows Embellishment”

  1. Claude Julien is an expert on embellishment alright.

    He sure knows how to embellish his pudgy lips around a Dunkin’ Donut 🙂

  2. Funny watching Clod Julie say the word ’embellishment’ with those two fat fucking cheeks and three chins wagging at the same time. Can he spell ‘hypertension?’

  3. I look forward to the day when chara meets his match. karmas a bitch chara, almost as big as lucics nose. charas probably got a couple of years left but some young 6’6″ giant will show and make him shit his pants.

  4. But as someone else said, Chara doesn’t fight other big guys he holds on. It’s against smaller guys that he throws punches. Now I see Julien is claiming he wasn’t talking about the habs but the league in general. I wonder if he beeps when he backs up? I’m sure the Bruins, who I will from now on refer to as the BooHooins, are more than a little embarrassed about how this has blown up in their faces.
    Again somewhere else I saw a clip of Marchant down on the ice for a long time and as he went back to the bench with the trainer the commentator says “Read his lips, he’s saying I was trying to draw a 5 minute penalty!”
    But seriously, the guy I feel really bad for is Malcolm Subban.

  5. @dishonest john

    I can’t remember who first said this but here goes:

    What are the Bruins fans going to do when they finally realize Malcolm Subban isn’t white?

  6. Danno, the fans, what about his teammates? I think if I was Malcolm I’d hold out and reenter the draft!

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