15 thoughts on “Claude Came Through”

  1. Dennis, you should try it again. Send a copy of these letters and start by saying, can you be as nice as this guy?

  2. DK, I notice in the right sidebar you have links for Ottawa, Vancouver & heaven help us Laffs tickets, what were you thinking??!! No beer for you Friday at St. Hubert’s as penance!

  3. hmmm…this is weird…we play the Canucks on Thursday and the Hurricanes on Saturday and the Olympic opening thingy is on Friday. What’s with that?

  4. Marjo, when I get a chance. I just might do it. it’d be interesting to hear what they say. Things have changed I suspect.

  5. Hockey in the Olympics doesn’t get underway right away, Marjo, so they have time. But they’re going to be busy. That’s a long flight.

  6. I got a feeling, and it’s strong one,__! Boom! they gonna win tonight. It’s their new ‘style’.__ It’ s the pattern. Nice souvenir you got up there too!

  7. But they (Subban, Price, Luongo) will miss the opening ceremony , right? Does the team parade without them? Maybe other players will have last minute NHL games as well. Bummer. It would have been nice to see them in the ceremony.

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