Classy Habs

My long-time great friend Mel St. Onge, in my old hometown Orillia, sent me this email today. Orillia is 40 miles from Collingwood, where the Canadiens make final adjustments before beginning the season on Thursday.

“Hey, thought u should know, Barrie TV station showed kids yesterday skipping school and lined up to get autographs from the Habs. It was pouring rain and they all stopped and signed the kids stuff, and this tells me they are classy guys. They could have just walked by them and gone on the bus, but they all got wet to keep these young fans happy. Pretty classy I thought.”

5 thoughts on “Classy Habs”

  1. I wonder how many big-time baseball, football and basketball players would do this. There’s something special about hockey players.

    I remember when I was a kid meeting the Calgary Flames (the whole team). I had no idea who they were (this was long before I got into hockey) and I remember someone asking me “do you know who these guys are?”

    I said “no” and that got them all laughing. They all autographed a paper for me which I sadly lost over time.

  2. It was at the old Y actually. This was back in 83, 84. A lot of the teams used to come and work out at the Y and it just happened they had been there on the day I was there visiting my mom (who worked in the building). It was a guy who worked at the front counter who said “do you know who these guys are?”

    Years later I worked for the Y (the same building) and what a hellish experience that was. One of our members though at the time was the guy who did the schedule for the entire NHL. I was sent there on an errand (to his office)once the SunLife building. This was back in 93, 94.

    There was a huge NHL crest on the wall of the office when you first came in. I’d love to have that on my wall!

  3. Danno, that video touches my heart. One of all-time favourites. Of course it’s not as good as mine where I solve the Rubik’s Cube, but still really good. Loved it. We were in a motel in Comox on our way back from Ontario last April after visiting you guys, and you sent me this. I had my laptop and posted it right away. A real gem.

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