Clara Hughes!

Canada’s Clara Hughes zoomed to a bronze medal in women’s 5000 metre speedskating today, and she said in her interview, “thank you to this amazing crowd, once again you gave me wings.”

She was also asked in a TV interview if she was Canada’s greatest athlete and I agree with what Sportsnet’s Don Taylor said when he said everybody knows that Gene Kiniski is Canada’s greatest athlete.

Gene Kiniski was a popular wrestler in Canada in the 1950’s and ’60’s. His schtick would be to tell everyone he was Canada’s Greatest athlete. It was funny. And several years ago when I was writing a column for the local newspaper, I phoned Gene Kinisky to chat. Thirty years after he’d stopped wrestling.

“He answered the phone by saying, “Canada’s Greatest Athlete.”

And a big thumbs up to Clara!

3 thoughts on “Clara Hughes!”

  1. Dennis, could you please do a piece one day about the great classic Canadian wrestlers? Those guys really knew how to entertain the audience and worked hard for their pay. Today’s wrestling pales in comparison.

  2. Clara further shows that she’s the best all round multi-season Olympian in the world ever. 4 winter, 2 summer medals.

  3. Danno, I used to go to the Orillia arena and watch wrestling when I was a kid. It seemed the loudest and most excited fans were old ladies. And I never knew how wrestlers could smash chairs over heads without anybody being killed. It was fun, though.

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