Christmas is over and Being Too Nice Has Sucked

It’s time the team made Ebenezer Scrooge and the Grinch look like Mother Teresa. It’s time to pull out the stops, kick the slump in the ass, and start playing every game with energy and enthusiasm. Games tomorrow against Tampa Bay, Friday against the Panthers, and Sunday in New York against the Rangers mark the time when it should be decided whether coach Guy Carbonneau should be given his walking papers or not. Giving 100% and losing can be excused, but giving 60% and losing is inexcusable. For me, not giving their all means the coach needs to be replaced.

And just think, I was a big fan of Carbonneau’s when he was a player. However, if the team starts winning, I’ll be a big fan of his as a coach too. But it doesn’t look great right now. I’m also starting to wonder about GM Bob Gainey, but first things first. Follow along with me even if you hate the Habs. Check the scores and see how they do in the next three games. The coach should be gone if they lose all three, or even two out of three. Follow along and treat it like it’s some kind of Deal or No Deal or something.

4 thoughts on “Christmas is over and Being Too Nice Has Sucked”

  1. Good News Dennis……I got a wonderful Vancouver Canucks toque and gloves from Santa!

    It’s reassuring to know that Santa is a Canucks fan.

  2. Dennis, While crossing back and forth across the Straits of Georgia push Lawerence overboard & when he see`s a pod of Orca in a feeding frenzy he then will find the Canuck`s fan club! Les Canadien Toujours !!

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