Christine Nesbitt Canada’s Newest Golden Girl

More bling for Canada as London, Ontario’s Christine Nesbitt wins gold in the speedskating 1000 metre event.

Another golden moment for Canada.

Yay Christine!

And I’ve travelled all of my life, going here and there, to different countries and different corners of Canada. I was born and raised in Ontario. But I’ve never been to London, Ontario.

13 thoughts on “Christine Nesbitt Canada’s Newest Golden Girl”

  1. Gillis, I saw them. That’s cool. You should’ve been with them. It was also a nice video in general.

  2. She came through under pressure really pouring it on the last lap. It’s unfortunate Kristina Groves didn’t get a step on the podium too. She was oh so close.

  3. Chris, you know what I like? How wholesome and clean and healthy these Olympic ladies look. They all look like the girl next door.

  4. They’re amazing Dennis, they have smiles and eyes that light everything up. It’s impossible not to smile every time I watch Marianne St-Gelais celebrate her silver.

  5. Chris, they are amazing. And they all know how to focus and work and never give up to become an Olympian.

  6. I hope we catch up in the standings, ’cause US is KILLING IT.
    But still extremely proud of our Canadian athletes!

  7. Nice, Dennis………..Kelly says “you’re the man” and also some reference to “Kane-skin”……..

  8. Am thoroughly enjoying these games, wishing tho’ that we’d made some kindda plans to visit the city to take in some of the Olympic fever on the streets of Vanc or out in Richm……it all seems pretty phenominal……keep up the great work, Go Canada Go!!!!

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