Chris Neil’s A Sissy

There was so much talk in the past days about a possible Habs-Leafs playoff matchup, that it almost seems weird that somehow the Ottawa Senators arrived on the scene and just like that, the Montreal-Toronto opening round idea came to a screeching halt.

So it’s the Senators and I don’t know what to think about this. I thought at some point in the season their injuries were going to catch up with them, but they somehow won a bunch of games and made the playoffs and they should be proud of this accomplishment.

I just hope they’re not going to get carried away and say they can beat the Canadiens. That’s just crazy talk.

And if it’s not going to be Toronto, we need a new villain. We won’t have Nazem Kadri or Colton Orr to get mad at, so the natural alternative must be Chris Neil. He did manage to lead his team with 144 penalty minutes after all. The next guy after him was Zack Smith, with just 56 minutes.

Matt Kassian had 47 penalty minutes in just 15 games, and he could be a villain too, but for now I’m going with Neil. He’s tried and true.

Neil looks a bit like a linebacker. Kind of like Biff in Back to the Future. Sort of like a small-time hood. Maybe one of Al Capone’s hitmen. The guy who spent six years in grade ten. Stuffed skinny guys in their lockers. Was possibly a small-town bank robber. He cries during chick flicks. Big Moose in the Archie comics.

I’m sure there’s more. I’ve just reached my quota for one night.

The Canadiens and Senators don’t begin until Thursday, which a long way away. They condense the regular season like crazy and then we wait four days for things to start. And how am I going to think up Chris Neil insults for that many days?

Here’s the full opening round schedule. Another good series, the Leafs and Bruins, kicks off on Wednesday. All teams playoff schedules


19 thoughts on “Chris Neil’s A Sissy”

  1. A series against the Sens, especially a Sens team with Erik Karlsson, scares the heck out of me. That team can skate, does play hard, and is capable of winning on the road (as it showed last night when it won in Boston, in a game that I’m sure the Bruins really wanted to win).

  2. I to was shocked when I seen the Sens had beaten Boston last night. Also last week the Sens went into Washington and took out one of the hottest teams in the league…..

    They are a no quit team lead by veteran Chris Neil who is tough as nails and a real pain in the ass….Karlsson and Michalek are also back which is huge…
    Should be a good series Habby fans

    Leafs and Bruins will literally be a WAR ZONE……The main reason Leafs got these crazies like Maclaren and Orr was primarily a result of being man handled by the Bruins the last few years….

    O well … as they say in Vegas…”Lets get ready to rumble”

  3. I am glad that the Bruins lost last night, because now I get to cheer for the Leafs AND the Habs. It’s going to be a tough series for both teams. We’ll try to beat the snot out of Boston for you. For the Habs, their goaltending is really going to have to come through. And isn’t that the scary part …

  4. Leaf fan, I was kind of hoping we’d meet the Leafs. We never know what we’re going to see from the Senators. And Karlsson is a game-breaker.

  5. The Sens make me slightly nervous, Ian. Anderson’s been excellent, and we know how important a hot goaltender in the playoffs can be. It’s not going to be easy, for sure. We need Gallagher to lead the charge. He gives the team life.

  6. Chris Neil could be the difference in this series. He’s gotten under the collective skin of the Habs previously, and I can see him doing it again.

  7. Whats the deal in our series we play back to back games at the start, while the others are only if it goes 7 ???!!

  8. Chris Neil is the only active NHL player with over 2000 career penalty minutes. His 2005 minutes are 55th most all time. Next closest are Pronger with 1590 minutes for 103rd place and Chara with 1541 minutes for 118th place.

  9. Surprise, surprise, the Leafs will be the only Canadian team playing Saturday night to ensure the HNIC crew has no distractions while fawning over them. I bet if it were a Canadiens/Leafs series, we would have started Tuesday with game 3 Saturday in Toronto.

  10. Hey Dennis.
    I know you remember our hockey pools back here in Ottawa years ago. We had it Sunday before the Bruin final game.
    I picked on the presumption that we would be playing Pittsburgh. So I picked 4 Habs to pound the crap out of the Leafs.
    Now that we draw the Habs in the 1st round I’ve got 4 Habs (Markov, Gallagher,Plekanec and Deharnais) and not a Sen to go against them.
    I FEEL SHAME!!!!!!!!
    First time I’ve ever gone onto a hockey pool hoping to lose.

  11. There are a few guys in the NHL that I say ‘thank God for hockey’ to because if it weren’t for this sport, they sure as hell look like they could do some prison time. Notably Chris Neil, Matt Cook and Norton –or is it Thorton– the one who seriously looks like a boxer.

  12. Jim, you’re going to win with all those Habs. Good picks. In fact, you should have gone for more Habs. And don’t forget, the prize money will help with your big cruise!

  13. Jim, you know in your heart you never stopped being a Habs fan first and foremost. All this Sens talk is just to fit in around all the other locals who are also pretending to cheer for the Sens because they think they should.

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