Chicago’s Season Ends, And Sens-Rangers Go To 7

Senators lose 3-2 and their series with the Rangers goes to a seventh game, while Phoenix blows out Chicago in six games after a 4-0 win.

Hobo brings up a good point. If the Coyotes somehow manage to go all the way, Gary Bettman would look like a freakin’ swami hockey guy. How bad would that be? Think about it. He’d be soon looking into Buenos Aires as a future franchise.

I watched the Sens game in a restaurant in Vancouver and I don’t know what the announcers said, but it sure seemed that Ottawa’s 2nd goal was kicked in. But regardless, the Rangers still won and now it’s back to Broadway for a big game seven on Thursday.

The reason I was in a restaurant in Vancouver instead of the friendly confines of my living room is because our Russian family is zooming back to St. Petersburg tomorrow, and we have to be near the airport for tomorrow’s big take-off. But they had a great trip, loved Powell River and area, saw some sea lions, inhaled sea air, fed chipmonks, and we took them on a road trip to San Francisco, L.A., Disneyland, Las Vegas, back to Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Malibu, and up to San Francisco again for a tour of Alcatraz.

So they’re going home with big honkin memories, and when they say how much they’ve loved it, I believe them.

In the meantime – there’s some Geico commercials I really like. Like their sort-of-new “Hockey 75 Years Ago.”

And this one too –



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