16 thoughts on “Hawks Eliminate Sharks, Now Wait For Habs”

  1. it really bugs me when these media types start getting on pk. sure he’s made some mistakes, rookie mistakes. he’s a rookie thrown into the thick of nhl playoff action playing between 20 and 30 min. a game. he hardly played in the league during the reguar season and he has to fill the shoes of the habs premier d man………..he has more points in his short stint than a lot of other overpaid, underachieving bums on this team………… the hawks will get a taste of pk.

  2. It’s true, Hobo. He’s expected tp play like a veteran and it’s asking way too much. He’ll make mistakes for awhile and then not so much anymore. The Hawks will get a taste of PK.

  3. Danno – the final three. Wow. Who would’ve thunk. And I can hardly wait until they’re in the final two.

  4. Ironically, he’s forced to play like a veteran because the veterans aren’t playing. Any mistakes/bad penalties from this point on and it’s “roll up the brim to win” time.

  5. I love watching PK play and hes a great in D for a rookie thrown into the mix. I do however get nervous everytime he goes coast to coast, like in game 4…

  6. Dave – several times he’s either lost the puck or lost an edge while going coast to coast and it’s something he needs to work on. He makes me a little nervous too.

  7. Maritsa – we can’t give up. Philadelphia’s not that good. And it’s never over ’till the slightly overweight lady sings.

  8. Beatnik, that’s right. He’s shoved in in a full-time role, a raw rookie, in the playoffs. He’s bound to make mistakes.

  9. Hey Dennis, It’s time for the Habs to get their game in place,I know these flyers aren’t that good,but their coach is doing a number on Jaques Martin.He has the flyers playing like kids going to private school,very disciplined.I mean two penalties in the whole game is not what the flyers stand for,they took Carcillo out for the game cause he was doing what idiots do best,they turned the momentum that hrt eHabs gained in game three to a victory for themselves,Mr. Marting has to find a way to get that back before they take to the ice tonite.GO HABS GO

  10. Dennis, I can’t wait to see the arrogance gone from the Flyers when the Habs whump them good.

    Seven games to heighten the tension. Go Halak, Gionta, Subban!!!!!

  11. I agree with the comments about trying to do things the veterans should be doing. He’s faltered but that’s what sometimes happens why you try. he has the tools to make it work. Vets should look at his work and attitude ethic and incorporate into their game. Final 3? Can u believe it? I’m starting to.

  12. The Hawks have borrowed a page from the Canadiens playbook of inspiration. They’ve brought in Bobby Hull, Stan Mikita, Tony Esposito and Denis Savard. Unless I missed it all they need is a torch.

  13. Chris, the Hawks, I think, have really missed the old Stadium and the history, and to see Hull and Mikita and Esposita and the boys there and the organ going and all that is great. The old Chicago Stadium really added to the NHL experience and maybe this young team and its fans can bring much of it back. Hope we can talk again soon here, Chris. Don’t forget – you’re part of the upper-management team.

  14. Dennis, I’m not going anywhere, too many good stories and opportunities to opine. With no more Habs to cheer for and obsess about, hockey just drops in priority a bit.

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