Chewed By Sharks

No need to go into a lot of detail. The Canadiens were outmatched in San Jose as they drop a 4-0 decision to the Sharks and thankfully the western U.S. road trip is now finished, as is a killer stretch of seven games in eleven nights.

The funny thing is, even though the Habs have just gone through a tiring time, they’ve had worse nights over the course of the season when they were absolutely fresh and still stunk.

I guess that’s not that funny.

Regardless, they remain in the thick of things, the new guys Vanek and Weaver will now have a chance to catch their breath and realize what team they’re playing for, and things will be just fine in Habsland.

There’s no way I’m jumping on the team for dropping three out of four on this California/Arizona trip. That was then. I’ve forgotten it already.

There’ve been several low points in the season for the boys, and they’ve always rebounded. So what’s the problem?

Regarding on-ice action, Peter Budaj let in a goal in the first period that was a downright killer, especially when they’d had some jump up until then.

A shot from centre ice that Budaj stopped while on his knees, but for some reason, he decided to stand up before the whistle was blown, and the loose puck at his feet was quickly banged home.

But maybe in the long run it wouldn’t have mattered anyway. The boys just didn’t have it.

Budaj was replaced by Dustin Tokarski in the second period after a screened shot beat him, and although the backups have worked hard and shown some fine moments, we’re more than ready to see Carey Price again.

Random Notes:

Shots on goal – Sharks 33, Habs 27.

Next up – Bruins at the Bell on Wednesday.

It’s late.

6 thoughts on “Chewed By Sharks”

  1. Kings won 3-2. Good for us. Sorry about the Habs. At least the will make the playoffs. Better than Canucks, eh?

  2. That was a brutal west coast swing. Hoped for more than two points, but let’s see what the team can do at home…………

  3. Their schedule has been brutal. The Olympics were great but it sure threw a wrench into the NHL thing.

  4. Once again it’s time to don the Black Toque of Doom.

    I hope it works its magic and changes our luck, first against Boston then down the stretch. Then I can switch back to the red hat again…

    We need Price.

  5. Don Cherry even had some good to say about Habs Weaver on defence. Not a Bobby Orr [my words, not Cherry’s] but keeps his game simple and plays for the jersey. Seems like Murray threw some solid Ka-Booms also. Knucles Nilan hoped Vaneck doesn’t play with “don’t want to get hurt” mentality to close out the season, and he’s playing for contract so could go either way. Good to see Big Tinordi punch crap outta Raffi Torres after latter ran someone. Was a costly time out but it sent a few messages to teammates AND the OTHER guys—YOU MESSED WITH MY TEAMMATE ,now you mess with me. NOT a goon, just a peacekeeper. Welcome home boys and keep on giving it your all.

  6. I caught a little of the Make Believes game and CBC was trying to change the “no-touch” icing rule when it adversely affects their team… Maybe Canadian law should change and limit pro-Toronto content to under five minutes.

    Lars Eller is awful. Pathetic. Dreadful. Can he be sent to Wheeling?

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