Cheering For The East In The West

I’m going to the annual Grey Cup party which is held at different people’s houses every year, where I’ll have a couple of beer and lose my usual 30 bucks because for some reason, God doesn’t think I should have money.

Anyway, because this is the west coast, everyone at the annual party always hopes for the west. And I go along with this mostly because they’re all pretty proud of their west coast and I admire that and respect it. And I love it here too, even though my own roots are eastern roots.

But I can’t bring myself to cheer against the Als. Even though Saskatchewan fans make me smile, like the guy who blows fire out of the top of his head.

12 thoughts on “Cheering For The East In The West”

  1. I just really hope The Als won’t choke.
    I want some happiness in Montreal for once.

    GO ALS


    You know. With fans as crazy as the Riders fans… Saskatchewan needs a bloody NHL team. The arena wouldn’t be a morgue like in those places where even discounted lowerbowl tickets ($25) still can’t pack a house! (Or Pittsburgh. MORGUE!)

  3. Just watching the pregame right now,field is in great shape,temps are mild,the only thing that could possibly ruin this game is if the Rider fans bring in some tainted watermelons that have been showing up in stores and cause a pandemic in the stands,Go Als Go,I was at the Grey Cup in Montreal last year and the Als should have won there,lets hope they kick some ass today

  4. Number 31 ;you are correct in the fact that Sasketcewan need an nhl franchise,as well as Hamilton,Winnipeg Quebec city and a maratime province,probably New Brunswick

  5. just like in the 79 playoffs when Don Cherry got called for that against the Habs,I made $225.00 in the football pool with that last kick

  6. It was great to see a Montreal team come back and win. Hope it’s contagious. Saskatchewan might have best football fans, but the team still owes the east. I’ll count this one as partial payback for the ’89 Grey Cup which the Riders stole.

    Saskatoon actually had an NHL team in the early 80’s but the league vetoed the sale. I think there’s a line in NHL president/commissioner’s oath where they swear to screw over Canadians at every opportunity.

  7. Wow, what an incredible game.

    Down 17-3 at the half, and they clawed their way back, and played the way they have the whole season.
    Just watching the highlights gave me chills.
    A triumphant game it was.

  8. The Impact started the season 0-for-bazillion and win the USL championship by working hard and clawing back.

    The Als were the best team in the CFL and had to claw their way back to win the Grey Cup.

    Time for the Habs to have what these guys are having!

  9. If you think about it, the “too many men on the field” call would never have happened if Darian Durant didn’t carelessly throw the ball and got intercepted.
    If Durant was still mentally present in that drive, The Riders would have stalled and won.

    But who cares. ‘CAUSE WE WON!!!!!!!!!

    but i really did feel bad for the Riders players, when Duval missed the first kick, and they thought they won.

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