12 thoughts on “Cheer Up, Gaston”

  1. Where is Gaston’s little squeeze from last season? Surely she can cheer him up, take his mind off the Habs even if it’s only for 5 or 6 minutes… 😉

  2. Tyg, when Gaston’s feeling down, I’m feeling down. It’s very sad. But on a brighter note, you made it to “quote of the day” again!

  3. Dennis, looks like Gaston needs that cute little doll friend of his to polish his wood with some Lemon Pledge.

  4. if carey price stumbles just let him play thru it and work it out. perhaps that will help his confidence issue if in fact he has one. he has been bencked and that doesn’t seem to work. don’t worry about gaston, ne’s an asshole.

  5. Gaston, it’s always darkest before the dawn. The Habs are laying low and will surprise their opponents.

  6. Diane, I might have to send Gaston to Boston for a holiday, just to get away for awhile. But if he visits you, lock up your jewelry.

  7. Dennis, send Gaston any day. I might have to watch him and Nancy though. I hope his liver is healthy because drinking with Nancy might be rigorous.

  8. Oh no, my view of the world might come crashing down. With Diane, Gaston raising hell, rigorous drinking with Nancy and Gaston, Boston will become an exciting city.

  9. Chris, if Gaston ends up in Boston it won’t be a pretty picture. Those poor girls are in for hell.

  10. Dennis, I’m counting on it. Watching Gaston trash Boston turning it into a Tijuana will be wild and exciting time. Then I can return to Ottawa, the city fun forgot.

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