Check This Out

No need for any words here, except that I think this clip is fantastic.

Thanks a lot to Beatnik for sendingĀ  it over.

7 thoughts on “Check This Out”

  1. I feel this is true for everything going on today. Locally, provincially, nationally, internationally. We’ve become mute. Maybe because we don’t feel heard anymore? Nonetheless I think this is why we are so desensitized.

  2. Not enough Habs shots in that video. We are the cup and that was totally American. JMHO.

    Why don’t the players hold a draft and form a new league? They are the talent. Too many legal loop holes though I guess. Would be nice to see them grow a set of balls and really unite. They say they’re united but those are just words. They need someone with balls to step up. Someone like Gretzky or Mario but they’re pretty much owners now. Maybe Crosby and a group of ten or so premier players and make a stand.

  3. Mayo, it wouldn’t happen in a million years. But with a few more Canadian teams, maybe it could be divided up between Canada and the US.I’d love to see a pure Canadian division.

  4. The owners don’t care because they know we’ll be back in droves the moment the season starts (whenever that is). They know we’ll come back like the addicts that we are so who cares. What will be nice to see is how they jack up the prices to pay for lost revenue that this lockout will cause.

    Why don’t they learn from experience and work on a new deal the year BEFORE it expires? Hello, logic? This waiting to the last minute sucks.

    I really hope we don’t lose a whole year again. That’s going to be awful.

  5. Sorry Beatnik. I didn’t mean to offend your efforts. It was an excellent video and it did bring a tear to my eye. The cup is the cup, eh?

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