Cheap At Any Price

Do you know why Toronto has the league’s highest ticket prices?

It’s because the Leafs are so freakin worth it. So many stars to look at in the flesh. Why, at any second you can see Jason Blake skating and shooting. Jamal Mayers will be there, so will Jiri Tlusty. And if it’s defencemen you want to see, hey, how bout Carl Gunnarsson?

Naturally, some dates at the Air Canada Centre are sold out, like Thursday’s opener against the Habs. And you probably won’t be able to see Pittsburgh, Boston, Washington, Calgary, the Rangers, Devils, Carolina, Miinesota, Philadelphia, St. Louis,Vancouver, San Jose, Ottawa, Detroit, and a few more either. But take heart, there’s others. Tickets are available when Phoenix comes to town on December 16th, for example. That’s fantastic. You can bring your whole family – wife, kids, granny – sit down close so you’ll be near all your favourites, and pay only $423.00 a seat for that once-in-a lifetime chance of seeing the Leafs and Phoenix Coyotes right there, just in front of you!

Yes, that’s right. They’re practically giving them away. It’s a chance to take in an evening seeing the world famous Toronto Maple Leafs creating magic. And for this incredible experience, all it’s going to cost for you, the little lady, junior and missy, and of course granny, is – $2115, not including the beer, popcorn, ice cream, nachos, parking, and the souvenir bobblehead of Matt Stajan.

Is there a better way to spend your money? This is the Toronto Maple Leafs for goodness sakes? The team that Jim Dorey and Lyle Moffat once donned the blades for. You just can’t pass it up. Why, if I lived in Toronto, I’d go to as many games as possible. I’d be able to see not only Phoenix but probably Atlanta and the Florida Panthers too! I’d take my wife, bring friends – it’d be a winter-long extravaganza.

And all it would cost is $423 each, or if I prefer the cheap seats, a measly $148. But who wants to sit in the cheap seats in Toronto when I can be down close to the ice soaking in the atmosphere, seeing Tyler Bozak and Alex Ponikarovsky in person, enjoying an evening witnessing the Leafs clashing with the Coyotes.

It’s classic hockey for low, low prices.

Can you think of anything better?

9 thoughts on “Cheap At Any Price”

  1. Speaking of Phoenix, word is that the judge has rejected both Jim and the NHL’s bids. Let’s pass the hat Dennis, we still have time to make a bid.

  2. Toronto vs Phoenix, a fitting match-up and a lead-in to an oldie but goodie.
    Why can’t Hamilton get a NHL team? Because then Toronto will want one too.

  3. A pity about the prices. In the early 80’s my dad took me by overnight train to Toronto to see Montreal play. Including a stay at the Royal York i’m sure it was still cheaper than tickets alone today. It’s something I would like to do for my kids but just can’t.

  4. I think they should take advantage of all the money flowing….

    They should set up a kissing booth….. $150 a kiss.

    This is how it could work.

    a) walk into a small dark booth
    b) close your eyes
    c) pucker up and lean forward
    d) Jamal Mayers gives you a nice firm punch on the lips

    It would add that feeling that you’ve been part of the game. And it would be a toss up between an experience you wouldn’t forget and an experience you can’t remember.

    They could also set up a pin the tale on the donkey…. I’m sure they could make it affordable and maybe Brian Burke could be used as the Donkey?? (gotta use real pins though)

    Ok…. ok… maybe I’m just sitting here day dreaming…. waiting for the hockey to begin.

    Can’t wait for this game.

  5. For $150 the Leafs give you much more than just a kiss. Just kiss your money good-bye and then bend over.

  6. Families can’t go anymore. It’s really not right. Small kids should get in free when with an adult.

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