Charlie Switches Sweaters

This beautiful piece of art, measuring more than two feet by three feet, was originally in a Quebec school in the 1940’s as dated on the bottom of it.

In a scene from the 1930’s, it was used as part of student storytelling, copying, or whatever else they came up with in class. It’s now framed and hangs proudly on my living room wall, and it brings back many memories of playing on an outdoor rink growing up in Orillia.

There’s a fishing scene on the other side.

What’s funny about it is the Montreal player on the left, handling the puck, bears a distinct resemblance to Leafs star Charlie Conacher.

5 thoughts on “Charlie Switches Sweaters”

  1. What you see here Dennis is called “swiping”. It happens in art a lot. It may have been a small attempt at a “screw you” to Toronto fans.

    I forgot to mention this: at the game the other day they had a kiosk with a bunch of signed Habs pics and some paintings. One was a pic of the Rocket beside a pic of him posing with the All-Star team…and it was autographed! It was about 1000 bucks though. 🙁

    There were a few paintings of kids playing hockey with their Habs jerseys on.

    The had a big Jean B photo of him holding the Cup. It was autographed as well…it was about 500 bucks to start off (it was an auction piece).

  2. Darth, I can tell you beyond a shadow of a doube that those prices are way out of line. The signed Rocket pic, which I’ve seen before, can be had for about $300. Beliveau’s is about $60. What an inflated and morally wrong kiosk you were at.

  3. This reminds me of that rude joke my brother pulled on me when he Photo Shopped a picture of me and my Dad wearing Toronto Maple Leaf sweaters.

    He’s quite the prankster!

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