Character Comeback In Tampa

The Canadiens held Tampa Bay to just two shots in the third period and fought back from a 3-1 deficit with three unanswered goals to keep the tricolour train a rollin’. A big 4-3 comeback win. What a team this year. It’s amazing.

One of the biggest reasons the Habs have turned it around is the play of rookie Brendan Gallagher, a gutsy little fireball who scored the winner on this night after a scramble in front of the Lightning net. Gallagher hung in and was rewarded, and just for fun, compare the way this guy plays to Scott Gomez.

I’ll let you think about that for a few minutes.

The one downer, on a night when two points were earned in fine fashion, was Brandon Prust crashing awkwardly into the end boards trying to negate an icing, and we wait now for what might be terrible news. It didn’t look good at all, and like Gallagher, Prust has been one of the key guys in these fun times. It would be a sad day indeed if we hear that Prust is lost for awhile. The fingers are crossed.

Comebacks are always fun, unless it’s the other team of course. In this case, the Habs had fallen behind by two goals going into the third, but Brian Gionta, then Boom Boom Emelin, and finally Gallagher, bulge the twine and the gang racks up a real solid road win.

Random Notes:

Montreal outshot the Lightning 29-23.

Michael Ryder had two helpers and he’s getting his points, just not goals. But like we heard throughout minor hockey, assists are just as good as goals.

Tomas Plekanec tied the game at one apiece in the first, converting a beautiful crisp pass from Andrei Markov.

With the great play of Gallagher, we’re allowed to relax a little with Alex Galchenyuk and let the kid develop at his own pace. He’s only been 19 for a month, and down the road he’ll be a star.

Onward to the Miami area for a meeting tonight with the Panthers, and although the game in Tampa was a win to feel good about, we really need Prust to be okay.


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  1. The loss of Prust could be huge. In my mind, he has been the team mvp this season. That looked like a separated shoulder, at the very least.

  2. The guys on L’AntiCHambre said it was doubtful Prust would play today against the Panthers, but that it didn’t seem to be as serious we feared and Prust’s return would be a day-to-day decision. I have no idea how they arrived at that opinion, but they have their sources. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best.


    Have you noticed we have a bad habit of stinking up the arena in the second period?

    But as lousy as the second period was, the third period was just amazing. Not only did the Habs rally to take over the lead but they allowed only two shots on goal.

    And that little Gallagher is the Habs’ lucky leprechaun who brings us a pots of goals with a big smile on his face. I just love this kid.

    Still number one!

  3. Ian, it looked like a separated shoulder to me too, and when the trainer whispered in Therrien’s ear, I got that sinking feeling. But reports now are saying maybe only a week and that’s great news if it’s true. We also need Bourque and Diaz back but there’s been absolutely no word, at least none that I know of.

  4. Danno, now I see why Gallagher came so close to cracking the lineup last year. I really didn’t know a lot about him, except that he was a great junior with the Vancouver Giants, and that he was on the smallish side. I didn’t have big expectations at all, and the guy’s been a wonderful revelation. I love the way he plays. He’s a key guy, but I think almost everyone has contributed.

  5. Last night I watched the game in real time, with my early wake up time during the week it’s Canadiens Express at F/F. Tampa did a great job of keeping us off the score sheet in the 1st period as it seemed we were on a lenghty PP but they actually out shot us. We sort of fell asleep during the 2nd & they took the lead but this years team did’nt cave but stormed back with 3 unanswered goals. What a refreshing concept from the last few years, never say die till the final whistle! I’ve seen this several times this year, this is a TEAM which has bought into the new system of defend, counter & attack!! They don’t dither around in their own end as in the past, it’s 1 or 2 sharp passes & out and away we go. It’s once again fun to watch our team use their speed and finesse, the results speak for themselves.
    I wonder if Mr. Duncun Donut felt DD’s penalty was a good call, he was in full flight and was spun around and lost his balance pure and simple, it was a bad call but after all the blathering by Mr. Donut not unexpected. I’m also hoping Prust, Diaz & Bourque are back soon but the TEAMS stepped up to the plate & have done a great job while missing some key pieces!
    GO HABS GO!!!!

  6. Excellent stuff, Mike. Really well put together comment. DD got a penalty for embellishing but on the replay it showed he simply lost his balance. Yes, old Donut would be all over that.

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