Certain Things You Should Know If You’re Going To Get Through Life

You might not thank me now, and you might not thank me tomorrow or next week or next month, but some day, when you’re old and feeble, you might think back to what you learned in today’s post and say, “thank you, Dennis.”

NHL president Clarence Campbell said in 1949 that television was not a good idea for hockey. He said it would be a threat to the sport. And his reason was, he thought it would affect attendances around the league because people would stay home and watch instead of going. He also said television would present the less attractive features while missing out on the speed and skill that people enjoy seeing live.  (What does that mean, “less attractive features?)

Montreal Forum got into high-tech in 1955 when they introduced a machine that would flood the ice surface. It was called an Ice Resurfacer. Before this big change, it took a crew of eight or 10 guys to sweep and water the ice between periods. But this new baby, the Ice Resurfacer, was a beautiful sweeper, snow dispenser and ice conditioner all-in-one.  The Ice Resurfacer was the brain-child of a guy namer Frank Zamboni.

Eddie Shore, who had previously been one of the nastiest, dirtiest, meanest players in the history of the league, said in 1953 that dirty play is hurting the game and should be stopped.

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  1. If you want to read more about the Ice Resurfacer go to:


    Ironic that Montreal and Toronto objected to expansion of the leauge in Canada as it might cut in to their TV revenues from the CBC. It took a boycott of Molson’s products to reverse that objection.

  2. What Clarence Campbell was saying about TV & hockey in 1949 wasn’t Bill Wirtz in Chicago saying that up to his death a couple of years ago (lol)………..

  3. Well Denis,

    It was partly joke and fact Bill Wirtz kept the Hawks off TV for years with only the occasional game shown but after he passed away one of the first thing his son Rocky did was to get more games on TV & attendance started to go up at The United Centre (it helps that the team is better) now The United Centre (biggest arena in the NHL thanks to Jordan) has the highest attendance rate with sellouts in the NHL more than Montreal this past season as well having I believe all their games televised……

  4. Thanks Martin. Really interesting. Those old owners and GM’s were all from the dark ages. Greedy bastards, actually.

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