Cave Paintings

I’m taking a break today, unless something big happens, like maybe an end to the lockout, or Scott Gomez scores a goal at his nephew’s peewee house league scrimmage.

Today, I’m going to go for a big walk (I’ve lost 22 pounds in three months), and I might even stop in at the local pub and gain a couple back again.

For now, some artwork from when I was in grade two, including a Habs portrait which I’ve shown before, and which a guy at the Montreal Gazette said I should frame. And along with the Habs portrait, I’m also including two Elvis Presleys (Elive Prisie) and baseball great Jackie Robinson. I gave Robinson white skin in this, but I think in grade two there was no such difference as black or white skin. Maybe we should all think like second graders.

8 thoughts on “Cave Paintings”

  1. These are just great Dennis. I get such a kick out of these and I’m amazed you still have them. Most people would have thrown them away a long time ago.

    I’m not sure if I’m reading it right but that Jackie Robinson one looks like he made a pitch, hit the catcher, and made him “explode” and sent all his equipment flying. But then again I’ve always been demented, even as a child, so maybe that’s just my sick self reading too much into things.

    That “Rocket” one isn’t too bad and I can see what you were trying to do there. You were older then and it was probably around this time when you gave up trying to draw (give or take a few years). This is when a lot of people give it up. It’s too bad because you were onto something! I wish I could see the original pic that you based your drawing on to compare them.

  2. Christopher, I’ve been trying to make it out. I can see words but they’re hard to read. Elive Prisie was all shook up.

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