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Flashback To A Nice Habs-Jets Overtime Game

This December 1992 game in Winnipeg was a beauty, with Andre Racicot in goal as Patrick Roy, on the bench, had the night off.

About halfway through, we also learn that someone named Gary Bettman from the NBA is in the running for top job in the NHL.

The following spring, Montreal would win their 24th Stanley Cup.

New Kid On The Block

Joe Who? Joe Callahan. Sounds like a detective.

Pierre Gauthier went out and signed the 6’3″, 210 pound defenseman, (the same size as new forward Blair Betts), and does this mean Alexei Yemelin has impressed absolutely no one and is about to book a one-way ticket back to the Motherland? Or will he play in Winnipeg on Sunday and show he belongs?

I think Yemelin will stay put, play in Winnipeg, and Callahan is just insurance, a little more depth. With Chris Campoli now on the sidelines and with the possiblity of more going down because that’s what the Habs are really good at – losing defencemen – we need guys with big league experience to step in when called upon.  

Detective Callahan, if he sees any action at all, (and he may not), probably won’t figure much in any stats department. One assist and 12 penalty minutes in 27 games with Florida, and in a total of 46 games in the bigs with not only the Panthers but also with the Islanders and Sharks, he accumulated four big assists.

Of course, if he plays and he shows that he’s a big, mean son-of-a-bitch who strikes terror in oncoming forwards, then he’s exactly what the doctor ordered.

But he’s probably just another journeyman. We’ll see.

Good luck Detective Callahan.

Curious Note:

In looking up information about Alexei Yemelin, I’ve noticed that some aren’t sure about his last name. Does it begin with a “Y” or an “E”?

I’ve always said it was Yemelin, not Emelin, and, The National Post,, and Pat Hickey and Dave Stubbs at the Montreal Gazette also say it’s Yemelin. Wikipedia has him listed as both.

HF Boards, HockeyDB, Russian Prospects, and have him as Emelin.

So I did what I had to do. I asked my Russian wife. And the definitive answer is……….it’s both. It’s just what we do in the translation process. It’s like Yevgeny and Evgeny.




Shorthanded Goal Changes Everything

It was going so well. Really well. Outshooting the Leafs 14-4 in the first period, throwing the puck around like it was March, not October. We knew a goal would come soon. Maybe many.

Bring on the second period. Let the Habs dazzle the opposition and the ACC crowd.

The big goal came all right. From the freakin’ Leafs. Shorthanded. The balloon was pricked. And in the end, the Torontonians earn a 2-0 win over Montreal, and as the Habs have done so many times over the past couple of decades, find a way to make the Leafs look like a great team.

How much of a bummer was it?

*No goals by a team which has had a knock against them in the past for not scoring goals.
*P.K. Subban caught twice which led to both Toronto goals.
*The Leafs changed everything by scoring shorthanded just 33 seconds into the second period. After that, the Habs lost any edge they had. The Leafs kicked it up a notch and the Canadiens didn’t.
*New Habs defenceman Chris Campoli, who already has had way too much press for the wrong reasons after the Malone hit and non-suspension, left the ice after getting his legs tangled up, and who knows, maybe we’ve lost him for awhile.

I just can’t stand it when we open the season in such a disappointing way. Behind the eight ball right off the bat. 

Random Notes:

Next game – Sunday afternoon in Winnipeg as the Jets open their season in what should be an emotional occasion. How great would it be for Montreal to ruin the Winnipeg Sabbath.

None of the Canadiens did much to rate a mention, although Carey Price came up big from time to time. Imagine if it would’ve been a Leafs blow-out? We can thank Price for this not happening.

If Campoli is out for any length of time, maybe Alexei Yemelin will come in, raise his game, and finally show what he’s made of.

It’s too early just yet to go on about Scott Gomez.