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Pouliot, Price, And Halpern Clip Buffalo Wings

It was a nice big two points in Buffalo Friday night for the Habs, and although 3-2 isn’t a lopsided and convincing win, it’s an important one on several fronts.

First, it would have sucked to have lost a third straight, especially against a struggling Buffalo team with all kinds of problems within.

It was also great to see Jeff Halpern continue to earn his salary with a goal and two assists, and Carey Price looked just as good as anybody playing for the St. Louis Blues.

It was really nice to see Benoit Pouliot score the tying goal and then the winner, and I don’t mind eating my words at all after saying recently that he had his few good games and I didn’t expect much more. I hope I have to eat my words time and time again. It’s better than brussel sprouts anyway.

And although Mike Cammalleri, Brian Gionta, Andrei Kostitsyn, and Scott Gomez once again failed to put up points, they all had several dandy chances, which means very shortly pucks will start to go in for them. You can see the slumps as plain as day. These guys are trying to make the perfect play to each other and getting way too fancy. It’s not working. And their shots are aimed at finding the perfect little hole and missing the net, which is another tell-tale sign of a slump.

If the net was seven feet wide instead of six, these four would have racked up the points tonight like the Halpern/Pouliot/Darche line, which had a lovely seven between them.

The answer to working out of a slump has been around for a century. Just close your eyes and shoot. Forget the holes, just blast away. Pucks will start to go in at some point and the slump will become just a distant and painful memory.

But regardless. It’s a win on the road. Beautiful. Now go home and smash the Ottawa Senators to smithereens.

Random Notes;

Shots on goal – 32-31 Montreal. And I’ll mention once again, Carey Price was really, really good on this night.

Tomas Plekanec was out with the flu. One game’s enough, Tomas. Up and at ’em.

Columbus Comedy Club

Columbus 3, Habs 0

We don’t need a fancy adding machine to keep track of Montreal’s scoring in the last two games. That would be one goal. One lousy, feeble, stinking goal.

None tonight, and of course Brian Gionta and Scott Gomez remain mired in nowhere land. These two score? Get outta here! And when it rains, it pours. Mike Cammalleri is slumping and who knows when Andrei Kostitsyn will light it up again.

Benoit Pouliot had his moment in the sun recently when he found the back of the net once or twice, but that’s probably finished now. I don’t expect much more.

All in all, nobody’s stepping up to the plate. Everyone’s gone for a coffee break at the same time. The team was quite mediocre in Columbus, and although they had chances now and again, none of it is worth mentioning because all in all, they weren’t sharp, the Jackets were sharper, and the Habs edge even closer to the dreaded five-letter swear word – “slump.”

But what about the humour? Isn’t it funny that we waited so long and impatiently for the return of Andrei Markov and the boys lose both games he’s been involved in?

And isn’t it hilarious that Brian Gionta becomes captain and proceeds to give us one goal and two assists in 12 games?

And isn’t it side-splitting when the team gives Scott Gomez 8 million clams to also score just once and add two lousy assists?

What can we say about the player we got in the trade for Jaroslav Halak? One assist for Lars Eller. Should we laugh or cry? And then there’s the back-slapping play of Mr. Spacek on the blueline?

In fact, Tomas Plekanec is the only guy I have faith in right now to not let his game go south. Because he’s too good a player for that to happen. Right, Tomas? Say it’s right, Tomas.

Random Notes:

Carey Price played reasonably well but not well enough. I prefer the standing-on-the-head variety.

Shots on goal – 29-24 Montreal

The team doesn’t play again until Friday when they travel to Buffalo. That gives the coaches time enough to juggle the lines and come up with something better than this, which borders on ridiculous. Break up Gionta and Gomez for one thing. And does Travis Moen belong on the top line? He’s got hands of stone, get him out of there. 

C’mon Jacques Martin and associates. Get this fixed pronto.

And through it all, Danno, the video professor, comes up with just the thing: