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Francis Takes One For The Team And Kovalev Wins It With A Kovalev Move

It appears that Montreal fire hydrant and rock steady 5’8″ defenseman Francis Bouillon, who took a puck in the lower part of his face, is okay. Maybe some chicklets lost, or maybe a near-miss to the throat, but regardless of some pain, or marshmallows and ice cream for dinner, he’ll be fine. Thank God.


That was scary.


And his team won 3-2 with a shootout goal by Alex Kovalev. And like every win, even though ugly, it gets my hopes up that they’ll build and build and turn this lucky win into a bunch of wins.


I hope this ever time.  


  Francis Bouillon could play on my team any time. Even at 196 pounds, he’s a tough little guy who’ll crash, bang, fight bigger men, make good heads-up plays, and most importantly, he’s a small man who who plays like a big man.

When he skated off the ice quickly, holding his mouth or throat area, and a couple of trainers ran to help, it scared me. It reminded me of the Trent McCleary incident, where the player almost died.

When Bouillon skated off, it didn’t matter one bit whether the team won or lost. It was all about Francis, and when I read afterwards that he was okay, then I was okay too.


Big win. They don’t make it easy on themselves, but a big win.


Next Up:


Tuesday in Raleigh to tackle the Hurricanes. Build on tonight’s win.


That’s one small win for Hab mankind, one giant leap to get something going.



Micro Look At The Eastern Standings. Leafs Sniffing At The Habs.

The goods news is, Montreal has played less games than most, only 15.


The bad news is, they’re in tenth place overall, with Buffalo, Vancouver, Minnesota, Washington, Boston, Pittsburgh, Detroit, the Rangers, and the Sharks all above them, with the Sharks leading the pack.


The really bad news is the Toronto Maple Leafs are only two points behind them, although the Torontonians have played three more games.


Regardless, the Leafs shouldn’t be in the same air space as Montreal. Vancouver shouldn’t be ahead of them. And I hate it when Boston’s ahead of them.


Start turning this around tonight, boys, when you play St. Louis. Otherwise, me and a handful of other bloggers are going to have to take the team over and do the coaching.