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Heady Times For Bruins Fans

These must be warm and fuzzy times for Boston Bruins fans. Their team is sitting pretty, rivalled only by the San Jose Sharks as the league’s best. They’ve won all four games against their biggest rival, the Montreal Canadiens, looked impressive in all four, and are a lofty 18 points better than the Habs. Their goalie, Tim Thomas, is playing like the second coming of Gerry Cheevers.

And best of all for the smiling faces of Bruins’ faithful, their team looks like they could make a serious dent once playoffs rolls around. Fans could be reminded, with a little help from beer, of the late 1960’s, early 1970’s Bruins, when they were an elite team and won a couple of Cups back then, only then they had Bobby Orr, Phil Esposito, and Johnny Bucyk instead of Phil Kessel and Dennis Wideman. 

More and more, Bruins’ fans are going to be insufferable.

Today, once again, these Bruins beat the Canadiens, this time by a score of 3-1, and although the Habs played fairly well, they made just enough mistakes to lose to this solid bunch in orange and black. The Canadiens gave away the puck way too often throughout, again missed the net far too many times, and lost the little battles for the puck along the boards, which often defines playoff contenders. You have to win those battles.

You also can’t allow the tying goal with six-tenths of a second left in the first period, like the Habs did today. It’s inexcusable. And so is the fact that Mike Komisarek threw a little softy towards the blueline which led to this all-important back-breaking goal.

Alex Kovalev’s play is inexcusable too. Kelly Hrudey pointed it out in the second intermission but it was evident anyway. Kovalev was floating in Montreal’s biggest and most important game of the year. How can that be? How can any player not work hard in such a big game? It doesn’t compute.

Damage Done:

Both Robert Lang, Achilles tendon, and Guillaume Latendresse, head-smashed-in-boards, were the casulties of the day. It’s entirely possible Lang is gone for the season. Josh Gorges is just beginning to remember which planet he’s on after an elbow named Gauthier arrived with bad intent.

So far, I’m not liking hockey in February.

Coming Up:

Pittsburgh’s in town Tuesday night.

Barack Obama Postpones Swearing-In Ceremony. “Mats Sundin Is Playing That Night,” He Explains

President-elect Barack Obama has announced a delay in his swearing-in ceremony to become the 44th President of the United States. “I should have checked earlier” he told reporters from his home in Chicago, “but on January 20th, Mats is playing in San Jose. And what`s more important, me being sworn in as President, or Mats Sundin playing hockey?”


In related news, with the announcement that Mats Sundin had indeed taken to the ice finally, the Taliban have laid down their arms, a ceasefire was agreed to on the Gaza Strip, stocks rose on Wall Street, the bus strike in Ottawa ended, George Bush got a little smarter, and the world in general has become a better place. 



Habs Look Reasonably Lousy Against The Washington Boudreau’s

Having trouble sleeping? Do you lay awake at night tossing and turning, not able to drift off into dreamland?


Well, do I have the solution for you!


Just play a tape of the Montreal Canadiens during the first half of their game against the Washington Capitals Saturday night at the Bell Centre. Before you know it, you’ll be sawing logs and waking up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the world.


The Washington Capitals aren’t THAT good, are they? They only have two more points than the Canadiens, but tonight (Saturday), they looked like contenders while Montreal looked like pretenders. Oh, the Habs had brief flashes of scoring chances, and yes, Alex Kovalev once again hasn’t scored (only 19 games), but when I think back to the game which ended only a little while ago, I think that if it wasn’t for Habs’ goaltender Jaroslav Halak, the Caps may have won by four or five.


This group, led by the whirlwind named Alex Ovechkin and choreographed by NHL coaching-find of the decade, Bruce Boudreau, stifled most Montreal attacks, albeit there weren’t that many. The Caps seem to have as solid a team as most any in the league, but it’s like they’ve flown under the radar so far this season as the Sharks and Bruins get most of the ink.


 And I hope you’re sitting down when I tell you this; The Canadiens didn’t score on the power play.


I don’t think anyone can defend Montreal’s effort tonight. Am I ever glad I hadn’t decided to fly across the country, get a hotel room, and hurry on down to the Bell Centre and buy a couple of scalper’s tickets for four hundred bucks or so.  That would’ve sucked.

I probably would’ve ended up drinking quarts of beer instead of pints afterward.


Game Notes:


Too bad Georges Laraque is injured and didn’t play. I would’ve liked to have seen a Laraque-Brasheur dance.


And one last and confusing note.

I distinctly remember the Russian National Junior team goalie of a year or so ago named Varlamov who was embarrassingly fat and looked like he should be at the buffet table instead of sprawling around making big saves. But then I see this Caps goalie tonight named Simeon Varlamov, stopping pucks with a  fit-looking 6’1′, 185 pound body.


What gives? Is it a different guy, or is it the same guy only about fifty pounds lighter?

And should I see a doctor because I’m getting confused easily?

Number Nine Is Too Sacred For Just Anybody

  When Wayne Gretzky retired, the entire league, every team, agreed the proper thing to do was to retire jersey no. 99 permanently so no other player would ever wear it.


This is absolutely reasonable. Gretzky deserves this honour. He was Gretzky, for goodness sakes.


But there’s another number out there that deserves the same royal treatment. Number nine.


Number nine was the number of Gordie Howe, Bobby Hull, and of course, Maurice Richard.


How can you argue with that? Number nine shouldn’t be worn by Steve Downie or Oscar Moller. Number nine was worn by Mr. Hockey, the Golden Jet, and the Rocket, three of the greatest ever, right up there at the top of the mountain. It’s a sacred number.


Currently there are 15 teams of the 30 with a player wearing number nine. It doesn’t seem right.


I think all but two of these players should surrender their number nine, choose another one, and carry on. The two players, Mike Modano in Dallas and Paul Kariya in St. Louis, have had too good a career to not wear these sweaters. But when they retire, so goes the number.


Here are the other 13 players currently wearing number nine.


Eric Christensen – Atlanta

Derek Roy – Buffalo

Steven Weiss – Florida

Oscar Moller – LA

Mikko Koivu – Minnesota

Zach Parise – New Jersey

Brendan Bell – Ottawa

Scottie Upshall – Philadelphia

Pascal Dupuis – Pittsburgh

Milan Michalek – San Jose

Steve Downie – Tampa Bay

Niklas Hagman – Toronto

Taylor Pyatt – Vancouver

Micro Look At The Eastern Standings. Leafs Sniffing At The Habs.

The goods news is, Montreal has played less games than most, only 15.


The bad news is, they’re in tenth place overall, with Buffalo, Vancouver, Minnesota, Washington, Boston, Pittsburgh, Detroit, the Rangers, and the Sharks all above them, with the Sharks leading the pack.


The really bad news is the Toronto Maple Leafs are only two points behind them, although the Torontonians have played three more games.


Regardless, the Leafs shouldn’t be in the same air space as Montreal. Vancouver shouldn’t be ahead of them. And I hate it when Boston’s ahead of them.


Start turning this around tonight, boys, when you play St. Louis. Otherwise, me and a handful of other bloggers are going to have to take the team over and do the coaching.

Looking At The Standings Because It’s Interesting

Now that the dust has sort of settled on getting the season underway, it’s a little disturbing to see the Buffalo Sabres playing so well. They have the same record as Montreal – 4 wins and a shootout loss for nine points, for goodness sakes. Even with those George Jetson jerseys.


The Sabres will come back down to earth shortly. I’m sure they will.


There’s good news, though, and the good news is that the Philadelphia Flyers, the team Steve Downey plays for, hasn’t won yet in five games. It doesn’t get much better than that!


The Florida Panthers are in Montreal Monday night to play the Habs. I know I say every game that the two points that night are extra important for the Canadiens,  so I’ll just say it again. These two points are extra important for the Canadiens. Gotta catch those Rangers.


Florida should be in Hamilton. Or Halifax, or Winnipeg, or Saskatoon, or Quebec City.


Why is there hockey in Miami, Florida?


I know there’s lots of snowbirds in Florida who are big hockey fans, but that’s not good enough. The team’s drawing only around 12,000 a game, and so now they’re giving away a pair of free tickets as long as you can show a Florida driving license. Miami people need to be at dog races and jai alai tournaments. Not hockey games.


Also interesting in the standings is Tampa Bay’s start. They’re winless after five games. And this with two new owners, the firing of coach John Tortorella, and the hiring of Barry Melrose. So it’s not going well for all concerned except Tortorella, who’s now providing reasonable thoughts on TSN. (Except for his prediction of who will win the Cup.)


Montreal sits in second place in the east with those bastard Buffalonians, with the Rangers leading with 13. But New York has played several more games than anyone else so the standings are slightly cockeyed. And there’s a handful of teams just behind Montreal and Buffalo, like New Jersey, Pittsburgh, and Washington.


San Jose’s leading the west with St. Louis, Minnesota, and Edmonton hot on the trail. Both Edmonton and Minnesota are undefeated at 4-0.


And John Tortorella thinks San Jose will win the Cup.