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Mike Has A Great Chair And Shorter Hair Than Before

They don’t get any better than Mike. We’ve been friends for 40 years, and have fought  the good wars together. Those crazy sixties wars. Those times when sex and drugs and rock and rock were as much a part of our lives as waking up. And it was a time when the team we loved took a back seat for a few years while we spent some serious time on the edge.

Mike was involved in the 1960’s movement as much as anyone. He wore his black hair long, crashed where he could, never shyed away from a good party, and ingested a few things he probably shouldn’t have. These were unsettling times, but he and I got through it, and later on he found himself a nice cool chick who he’s still with today. 

But even though we put the Habs on the backburner for a few years in the late ’60’s, it didn’t mean we gave up or forgot. Not me, and not Mike. He follows the Habs closely, has for more than fifty years, and he knows the game and his team and is pissed off when they lose. You’ll see this by his comments he throws in often.

No one is prouder to own a Montreal Forum chair than Mike. And it’s not just any chair. It’s the one he sat in in his only visit to the Forum, in the late 1970’s.

Here’s a photo of Mike’s chair, and the Bud hat signed by Le Gros Bill, Jean Beliveau. And yes, the spelling of Micheal on the chair is the way it’s spelled.

Mike may have been a mover and shaker during the hippie movement, but you can’t keep a good Habs fan down. And even though he lives in Toronto and has for decades, don’t even think about talking about the Toronto Maple Leafs with him. He can’t stand them, even though they’re just down the road. Are you listening, Ottawa fans-who-used-to-be-Habs-fans?


Montreal Scores 7 Goals In Their Win Over Ottawa, But It Was A Stressful 7 Goal Win

They can’t come much uglier than this. For two periods, life was good as Montreal built up a 7-1 lead against the visiting Ottawa Senators, who previously had humbled the Montreal 6-1 in February and 3-0 March 13. It was a time to dance in the street, sing, hug the neighbour, sing the Olay song. During the second intermission, I was thinking in double digits for the end of the massacre. It was going to be beautiful. habs-logo.jpg

But someone must have slipped horse tranquilizers into the Montreal player’ Gatorade between periods, because in the third, along with giving up fourteen shots to two, also gave up four goals to make it a scary, stressfull 7-5 game that I don’t mind saying made me quite pissed off. And on top of everything else, Montreal took two penalties and had to kill off a two-man advantage for the Senators late in this ridiculously ugly third period. But they killed it and I don’t even want to think about what could have happened if Ottawa would’ve scored during this power play.

I was as stressed as if it was a 2-1 game.

So it was a good-bad kind of thing. Pittsburgh lost 4-1 to the Islanders, so the Habs’ win, (and it was a win, all things considered), increased their hold on first place in the east by three points.  sens1.jpg

The bad, of course, was that they almost blew a 7-1 game and lost.

Imagine if they would have lost. They might have had to line up the same shrinks the Boston Bruins have lined up. It’d be a mind fuck for the rest of the season. The kind of game players, and probably fans too, lose sleep over all summer. The kind of game that can make or break the rest of the season.

And I’d have to listen to all my old friends in Ottawa who once upon a time were good, hearty Habs fans, and changed, believe it not, when their town got a team in the early 90’s. If Ottawa would have come all the way back to win tonight, these friends would have been insufferable.

But Montreal scratched it out and got the two points. That’s the main thing. It’s just good that the game was only sixty minutes and not seventy. And it’s good that Montreal scored seven goals, and not five, which you’d think would be plenty enough.

Let’s just hope there’s not too much mind damage.

 The team now has a rest until their short jaunt into Buffalo Friday, and then a little swing over to Toronto on Saturday. Both Buffalo and Toronto are in panic mode to win every game and possibly make the playoffs.

So both Buffalo and Toronto are going to play their hearts out when the Habs come to town.

So boys, have fun with your wives now for a couple of days, then get down to business. Keep it going. Stay on top. Go over 100 points. (they’ve got 96 now with five games left). Hopefully they’ll meet Boston in the first round.

And don’t worry about the Senators. They’ll be gone soon enough after the playoffs begin anyway.

The Senators Come For A Licking. Plus, A New Video Of Peace And Love

Big, big game Monday night when the Ottawa Senators roll into Montreal. The Habs have been humiliated a few times this year by these notorious playoff chokers, so I’d really like to see some revenge. I’ve got a lot of friends in Ottawa who once were Montreal fans but somehow became Senators fans just because their town got a team. I don’t understand it but hey, I don’t understand the theory of relativity either. sens.jpg habs-logo.jpg

In other news, more and more, Josh Gorges is becoming a solid, contributing,and important member of the Canadiens. He picked it up several notches against the Bruins, and now, with Mike Komisarek out for at least three weeks, this is a big deal and a pleasant surpriseAnd what this means is that when Komisarek gets back, he, Gorges, Hamrlik, and Markov form a formidible defence as the team readies for the playoffs. Take that, Pierre McGuire.

Also in the news, it seems that some people have disagreed with the violence in the video I posted of the 1971 Habs-Bruins bench-clearing brawl, and I feel bad about this. So today, I’m adding a little video that I hope makes everyone feel better. Let’s get back to the peace and love we all miss so dearly. This is from 1986. Just click the link.

The Montreal Canadiens Might Be Calling Me Up!


Bob Gainey – General Manager, Montreal Canadiens

Pierre Boivin – President

Dear Sirs,

The other day, the New York Yankees allowed comedian Billy Crystal to not only work out with the team in full uniform, but to also take a full at-bat during a spring training game against the Pirates. The Yankees are a world-class organization and know what they’re doing.

But the Montreal Canadiens are also a world-class organization, and therefore, I’m taking this opportunity to request the chance to dress for an exhibition game next fall.

Although I haven’t had skates on in ten years, and am almost as old as Billy Crystal, I haven’t smoked in quite some time, and I feel I could contribute on right wing, possibly in place of Michael Ryder. Or, if you need me on defence, I’m sure there will be a few openings in the fall (Patrice Brisebois, Mathieu Dandenault etc.) You could even schedule me for when you meet the Senators. I know I could stop Jason Spezza. No one seems to able to do this job now, so why don’t you let me try. I can’t be any worse.

I’m not asking for much, just an exhibition game. However, if I own the puck the way Henri Richard did in his initial season, you may feel free to keep me.

When I was about 13 years old, I wrote to Sam Pollock asking to be stick boy for a game at the Forum, and Mr. Pollock promptly wrote back saying that if he let me do it, he’d basically open up a can of worms, and I must be content to watch my favourite players from a distance.

I’ve stewed over this for decades, as I feel I would have been exceptionally fast in giving a new stick to Mr. Beliveau or Mr. Rousseau if they had broken one during the action.

I sort of feel I was cut from the team.

So now’s your chance to make good and clear my mental issues that came from rejection all those years ago.

If the Yankees can do it, so can you.

Oh, and if you don’t mind, can I please wear number 6 for the game? I’ve always felt I was a Ralph Backstrom-type player, smallish but speedy, and I’m sure Mr. Kostopoulos wouldn’t mind sitting out, as he does it quite often anyway.

Thanks a lot.

Dennis Kane.

Senators Make A Statement In Montreal. However, I’m Not Listening

I’m back from Bellingham and the Habs are losing 3-0 in the third period. That’s why I’m writing this. Because even though the new tv’s on only ten feet away, Im not watching it. Not until we get the first one. Well, maybe with one eye.

So instead, I need to tell you about Bellingham. Here’s the thing. We left Powell River at 6:45 AM and made it to Bellingham by 2:30 PM. EIGHT HOURS TO GO 120 MILES! There’s reasons though. There’s two different 45 minute ferry rides to take, plus the waiting for them. Then there’s the drive through downtown Vancouver and out the other side to the US border, where it took two hours to get through. Then it’s only 20 minutes to Bellingham.

But none of it matters because living in Powell River, as long as you have a job, is almost paradise. Anyone who’s never been to BC’s Sunshine Coast is missing something. While the east is being hammered by snow, I’m sitting on the deck drinking beer.

So come on out.

Anyway, I getting sidetracked. Bellingham’s not a bad place. It seems to be about 40,000 people or so, and is a tad battered and run down. But not bad!

It’s got a great bar done up in kind of a 1950’s Las Vegas showroom style, and Sinatra and the Ratpack would have looked right at home there with their fedoras, martinis, and cigarettes. The beer was pretty bad, though. The choices were all from some sort of regional micro-brewery, and in my world, the draught’s gotta be cold and delicious with that special tang. Not that yuppie shit.

The sports shop in the big mall there only seemed to sell football and basketball stuff. But I could be wrong because I only looked through the window. And an antiques store had a lithograph of the 500 goal scorers signed by about ten of them, including Gretzky and Beliveau. They wanted $700 for it.

And before I forget, going through customs back into Canada took five minutes, not two hours like the other way.

In the background, the game just ended. This is what I call shitfuck. Getting shut-out by Ottawa, after Ottawa had pummelled them 6-0 not long ago, ranks right up there with every thing that sucks in the western hemisphere. And this, right after the Habs blanked New Jersey 4-0 the other night.

But I’m not going to dwell on this. Except that the team was held scoreless, and that Ottawa has just equalled Pittsburgh and the Habs for 87 points. 

Next up, the Islanders come calling. Need a nice big rebound game Saturday.

Might have to lay off the wives for awhile boys. Get some rest and come out flying.