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There’s nothing wrong with a little mononucleosis

To think it was just recently that I was wondering when Guy Carbonneau and Bob Gainey would walk the plank after very mediocre play had infiltrated the Montreal Canadiens. Now though, the team’s flying, so I take back those terrible thoughts and will try to bring this up at confession if I ever go.

So now, it’s not the teams in front of Montreal to worry about, as there are is only one, Ottawa, in the ridiculously tight eastern conference. It’s those teams just behind that need to be looked after. Montreal is tied with New Jersey, but just one or two points behind are Pittsburgh, the Rangers, Boston, and Carolina, and other teams like the Islanders, Flyers, and Sabres are just behind them. Whew!

So being the gentleman I am, I am hoping for only minor injuries, some sicknesses, and just a little bad luck for these said teams. Mononucleosis is a good disease for some of the better players. A broken finger or two isn’t asking a lot. Contract disputes that make players unhappy is a good one. Fear of flying, ripped tendons, nervous breakdowns, itchy rashes, blisters, slapshot to the nuts, problems with the little lady.  And flu bugs are beauties because they can take a whole team out!

It’s all for the good of the Montreal Canadiens. Winning is everything. And after all, none of these things are life threatening.

Happiness is a lot of Montreal sweaters and a popcorn box

My wife doesn’t understand it. She doesn’t understand one bit that I need this popcorn box from the 1930’s that I saw on ebay. But who wouldn’t want a 1930’s popcorn box? Especially one in mint condition with a very young Gloria Swanson on it.

But she’s been good about the eight childs’ Montreal Canadiens wool sweaters from the 1940’s and 50’s I’ve managed to find on ebay over the last couple of years. I haven’t told her yet that I’m keeping my eye open for sweaters from the 20’s and 30’s, but I may never find these. So what she may never see won’t hurt her, right?

I guess I’m a compulsive collector. I take after my grandmother. And I haven’t just bought. I’ve sold many, many things over the last couple of years and used the money to buy a fridge, stove, flooring, gifts, a laptop, camera, a couple of trips, including one to Russia, and a whole bunch of other things, all from things I’ve collected over the years. I’m trying to condense things now because I’m at a stage in my life where I don’t need a lot anymore. This makes her happy. But she doesn’t understand the popcorn box.

I think it’s something about reliving my youth but I’m not sure. And even though I wasn’t born in the 1930’s, the popcorn box is like the ones I remember from a few decades later,  the ones we used to fire around the theatre and off people’s heads. So it’s important. Right?

Sean Avery has horns and a pitchfork

I suppose getting eight out of twelve points on the big Habs road trip is good, but that loss last night to the Rangers hurt. After all, Montreal had come from behind, had the lead, played really well, and yet once again a goal was scored against them late in the game and then they lost in overtime. It’s like one of those nightmares where you’re driving your brand new Cadillac off the dealer’s lot and you get slammed and your new set of wheels is completely totalled. Or that beautiful chick you’ve been dating turns out to be a guy when you finally get her into bed.

It would’ve been so nice to win, especially against a team that has Sean Avery on it. Avery was voted most despised player in the league by his peers, and I really wish someone would jam a stick, several pucks, and a couple of jock straps down that grinning mouth of his.

Anyway, the Habs have 45 points after 39 games, which isn’t bad, but last year at this stage, they already had 51 points. And last year they didn’t make the playoffs. But last year they had David Aebisher playing goal from time to time.

Now I’ve got big faith in the boys, especially the way the Kostitsyn brothers, and the goalies, are playing. And I know I sound like a broken record but if fans at the Bell Centre don’t shut up with that horrible “Olay, Olay” song, the team won’t make the playoffs again. It pisses the other teams off because it sounds so smug. And it never works. This song must have been concocted by the devil, or possibly Sean Avery.

The Master Plan Is Starting To Come Together

Phase one of the master plan has been successfully completed. The team won last night. It’s good, it’s terrific, but it’s only the beginning. This is the entire master plan set out by the mad and handsome genius, me.

Phase two:  Win tonight.

Phase three. Win on Sunday.

Phase four: Overtake the Canucks in total points and stay in front so Sandy will lose the bet and owe me.

Phase five: Win almost every game, (or every game, why not?) and make the playoffs.

Phase six:  Be successful in breaking bones and tearing ligaments of Alfredsson, Heatley, Spezza, Crosby, and several others who will try to destroy the master plan.

Phase seven:  Bring home the Stanley Cup. (where it belongs.)

Need a Good Laugh? – I’ve Got One For You

Although I have some doubts myself about the job Bob Gainey and Guy Carbonneau are doing, I’m basically ready to forgive and forget as soon as the team starts winning. But you should see what others think. 

Over on the right hand side of my blog is a link called “Habs Blog.” It’s the official blog sponsored by the team, and it’s a forum for mostly diehard Habs fans to offer their opinions about how they want to hang Gainey and Carbonneau by the balls, maybe ship Alexei Kovalev back to Russia dead or alive, and all the other reasons why their team needs to be blown up and re-done. It’s quite fascinating. It’s better than Mad magazine. Better than Saturday Night Live. It’s comedy at its finest.

The thing is though, most of these people who write in are simply full of it. They know their stats, that’s for sure, but their minds are made up that they’re right and Bob Gainey is wrong. But what jumps out for me is this: These same people almost had a heart attack when Gainey drafted goalie Carey Price in 2005 instead of Gilbert Brule, who they thought was going to be the next Guy Lafleur. Of course, they were all wrong and Gainey ended up being right. But it doesn’t stop these extremely opinionated folks from giving their hard-assed thoughts on why they want Gainey’s head on a platter, and why every one of them would make a better General Manager than him.

Have a look at this link. It’s great reading. Even offer an opinion. You might as well do it there because you’re not doing it here.

Christmas is over and Being Too Nice Has Sucked

It’s time the team made Ebenezer Scrooge and the Grinch look like Mother Teresa. It’s time to pull out the stops, kick the slump in the ass, and start playing every game with energy and enthusiasm. Games tomorrow against Tampa Bay, Friday against the Panthers, and Sunday in New York against the Rangers mark the time when it should be decided whether coach Guy Carbonneau should be given his walking papers or not. Giving 100% and losing can be excused, but giving 60% and losing is inexcusable. For me, not giving their all means the coach needs to be replaced.

And just think, I was a big fan of Carbonneau’s when he was a player. However, if the team starts winning, I’ll be a big fan of his as a coach too. But it doesn’t look great right now. I’m also starting to wonder about GM Bob Gainey, but first things first. Follow along with me even if you hate the Habs. Check the scores and see how they do in the next three games. The coach should be gone if they lose all three, or even two out of three. Follow along and treat it like it’s some kind of Deal or No Deal or something.

Sorting Through the Numbers and Not Missing Mike Ribeiro

Montreal has 7 less points than last year at this time, but what happened next isn’t going to happen this year. Beginning Dec 29th of last year, the team won only 9 out their next 35 games. But they had Huet and David Aebischer in goal last year and not Huet and Carey Price. There’s no way they’re going to be as pathetic this year.

Big game tonight in Dallas, the last before the short Christmas break.  And in the BIG overall picture, I need to win my yearly bet with Sandy, the one about who will finish with the most points, Montreal or those ridiculous Canucks. If there really is a Santa, he will come through for me. I need this bet. If you’ve heard Sandy, you know what I mean.

And one last thing about Dallas. Now that ex-Hab Mike Ribeiro is playing well with Dallas, people all over are saying what a mistake it was for Montreal to let him go. NO WAY. Ribeiro in Montreal was a selfish prima donna who only cared about if he played well, then his next contract would be better. It was all about money, not the team, for this immature player. I also saw with my own eyes the night with Pittsburgh in town and Montreal losing by a goal in a hard fought and important game, with a stoppage in play, Ribeiro skated over to Sidney Crosby and asked him if he could have his stick. Right then and there, I wanted Rebeiro out of Montreal. Ribeiro was never the kind of player I wanted on the Habs and I don’t care if he scores 50 goals this year with Dallas, I wouldn’t want him back.

Ovechkin Joins Habs Rumour

This article caught me off guard. I hadn’t heard this before today, and Todd makes some good points. Ovechkin is also best friends with the Habs’ rearguard Andrei Markov.  I can’t imagine what this would do for the team, both on and off the ice. If the team can’t land a French Canadian superstar like Vincent Lecavalier, then Ovechkin would be the next best thing. Talk about fire-wagon hockey. Here’s Jack Todd’s article, dated Dec. 21, 2007.

JACK TODD, The Gazette

Published: 13 hours ago

If you were watching the Canadiens’ 5-2 win over Washington last night, chances are your attention was about evenly divided between the Habs and the kid wearing No. 8 for the Capitals: the incomparable Alexander Ovechkin.

And chances are, more than a few of you closed your eyes and dreamed the dream:

Ovechkin wearing the CH.

True, Ovechkin showed only flashes of the form that makes him the most exciting player in the game – but there are dreams and there are dreams. All over the hockey world, there’s a rumour a minute and most of them last about that long. This is one dream that might have legs.

First of all, you can stop drooling over Vincent Lecavalier. It isn’t going to happen. Lecavalier does not want to play here, period. Has he said so? Not in so many words. Instead, he quietly re-upped in Tampa Bay, signing a long-term contract at a time when he could have opted for a one-year deal, free agency and a glorious return to Montreal.

Why? Lecavalier plays within 20 minutes of a beach. In the sunshine. Low taxes, few potholes, no need to deal with three dozen reporters at every morning skate wanting to know if it’s true that he’s dating Mitsou.

So if you’re going to dream in Technicolor, settle on a player who at least wants to play in this city. Better still, there’s a plausible scenario that could bring him to Montreal.

Ovechkin will be a restricted free agent after this season. This year, he’s earning a mere $1.3 million and the Capitals thought they could sign him for something similar to Sidney Crosby’s contract, which works out to $8.7 million a year for five years. But Ovechkin fired Don Meehan and turned his affairs over to a lawyer, with everything guided by his mother, Tatiana. Tatiana is apparently thinking something more in the $9-million to $10-million range.

Ovechkin and Russian teammate Alexander Semin will be restricted free agents and Washington will be hard put to satisfy both, and for the NHL to have a player like Ovechkin in a market like Washington is a crime. Night after night, Ovechkin plays to thousands of empty seats and in D.C., he always will. In Montreal, a so-so team without a marquee star in Ovechkin’s league can draw 21,273 for exhibitions.

Does Ovechkin like Montreal? Very much. He has never hesitated to say so. His best hockey buddy is Canadiens defenceman Andrei Markov; last time the Habs were in Washington, reporters wanting to talk with Ovechkin had to wait half an hour while Ovechkin and Markov chatted on the ice.

But chitchat and sellouts are not going to bring Ovechkin to Montreal. A contract will – a big contract. If the Islanders can throw 15 years at Rick DiPietro and the Flyers are willing to give Mike Richards a dozen, why not a 15-year deal for Ovechkin? Is there a player in the league, apart from Crosby, as likely to make such a deal pay?

The Canadiens already know they may have to commit for at least a decade to keep Carey Price in the fold because Gary Bettman failed to foresee the potential impact of the decision to 1) offer restricted free agency early in a player’s career and 2) to sign a basic agreement without a cap on the length of contract.